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Anis Syafiqah in the eye of the storm at Tangkap MO1 rally

FEATURE All eyes were on the Tangkap Malaysian Official One (MO1) coalition spokesperson Anis Syafiqah Md Yusof as the student-led rally ended at about 5pm yesterday evening.

Coming down from their makeshift stage on a truck parked at the entrance of Jalan Raja Laut, she had just executed the rally’s ending gimmick - placing effigies that resembled the ‘Malaysian Official 1' and others named in the United States Department of Justice’s 1MDB-linked civil suit - behind bars.

As the crowd dispersed, many did not expect her to make a quick escape.

Holding hands with her friend and Tangkap MO1 coalition member Aqilah Zainuzi, they quickly ran away from the crowd of about 1,500 people, to the surprise of media members and others hoping to speak to her.

Some questioned whether it was a sign of their fear. The ones left behind, however, told Malaysiakini that it was a pre-planned move just in case of any arrests.

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