Dyana's a beacon of hope in a sombre political future


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YOURSAY | ‘A smart, spirited reply to Razlan marks her as leader of great prospect.’

Dyana Sofya tears up Razlan's list on 'DAP disrespect of Malays'

Kim Quek: I just read Razlan Rafii’s “list of evidence” of DAP disrespecting the Malays (I usually don’t read such rubbish), and I am shocked beyond belief that a leader as important as the Umno Youth chief for the Federal Territories, could have spewed such a lengthy litany of nonsense that is so amazingly shallow, irrelevant, and obviously false.

What has the mighty Umno become - a party void of any intelligent leader who can talk some sense?

DAP Youth leader Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, your spirited and intelligent reply to Razlan has made my day. It is this kind of young politician that gives hope to Malaysia’s otherwise sombre political future.

Anakraja: We must have more broad-minded Malays like Dyana. The young Malays must open their minds and speak out for a better future for Malaysia.

Burong Merah: Indeed, DAP Malay leaders like Dyana should speak up more, especially to the rural Malays. Their voices are more effective than Lim Guan Eng's or Lim Kit Siang's.

Alfanso: It is not surprising that there are a lot of smart Malays like Dyana, but who are sadly not welcomed in the mainstream, and only lackeys like Razlan are in the forefront. So it is a choice the Malays have to make.

Simple Malaysian: It really refreshing to read Dyana's opinions. I hope there are many more young Malays with minds like Dyana's. She reminds me very much of my childhood Malay friends, who still hold on to similar thoughts.

Sleepy: Razlan reminds me of an idiot I knew in the 80s who said the menu was not halal enough, because there was a dish which had the word 'Chinese'.

That dish was "fried Chinese-style mixed vegetables". We changed the word, not to please this small-minded person, but because the issue was insignificant.

Anonymous_3f49: Yes, Dyana has put the poor guy to shame. It's so refreshing to see the quality and standard of the arguments from her, as well as the truthfulness that she brings to the public, in contrast to the rehashed crap that we see almost daily.

Anonymous_1388029052: Dyana, you really put this Umno Youth guy to shame. How did he become a Youth leader in the first place?

It doesn't speak very well of the political party he's in, if they have leaders of such calibre.

Liew Lean Kut: Wow, this DAP young gun came out swinging. She delivered killer blows to this Umno young gun, left, right and centre. She is a future leader with spunk.

Sarawakian: Razlan, how does it feel when a sweet and beautiful lady delivers you a knockout punch?

Anonymous 1890491455255851: More Malays and Muslims like Dyana should speak out against this tiresome strategy used by Umno - to hit out at anyone who opposes them.

Razlan, how about trying to put across ideas to develop society in a positive and progressive manner, rather than constantly playing and manipulating race and religion, to the benefit of no one?

Anonymous #05023297: The smaller their minds, the bigger their mouths. Same like controversial academic Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

Cocomomo: Dyana, don't waste your time trying to reason with a first-class graduate of University Umno. I feel sorry for these Umno leaders.

Clever Voter: We complain much about graduates not able to read, write or speak. Now we have politicians, many from BN, who cannot think enough, and tell the difference between black and white.

No wonder we spend so much time on undoing wrongs. Sigh.

Dingy: That's what the people want, intelligent answers by politicians. Politicians should stop talking if they don't have any substance.

Let the people be the judge; who is smarter - Razlan or Dyana?

Anonymous 1034721438846003: Dyana can be our PM, she is anytime better than PM Najib Razak.

Vision2020: This is a fair and sensible rebuttal from Dyana. Malaysia will be in good hands with youthful leaders like Dyana, to lead our fellow Malaysians to greater heights in their pursuit of liberty, justice and fraternity for all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion and royalty.

Wira: "In God we trust" is printed on every greenback and it's no secret that the 'God' there refers to the Christian God. Umno, please demand that Petronas not deal in US dollars.

WTFcuk: It's 'haram' to collect taxes from Genting Highlands casino and the breweries. It is also 'haram' to steal and take bribes.

ProPeR: Dyana, you are absolutely spot on. This Razlan fellow is a joke. How he got to where he is today is a joke, too. He is a shameful betrayer of the Malays.

You are very fortunate you are not like him. I respect you for being able to see what the BN government is doing to the nation - destroying it.

Shamu99: For Razlan's information, Umno stands for United Malay National Organisation. It's funny the Malay political organisation's name is in English, despite that many in Umno are anti-western culture.

Maybe Razlan can answer why Umno's name is in English.

Saddened: What a rebuttal. Dyana, you hit every nail on Razlan's flimsy queries. Way to go.

She should stand in Teluk Intan or Bentong and depose either Gerakan president Mah Siew Kong or MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.

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