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Jamal, which law did Motley break in Malaysia?

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YOURSAY | ‘Foreigners tarnishing Malaysia’s judicial and legal system, you say?’

Seeing red, Jamal urges protest against Anwar's 'crazy' US lawyer

Vijay47: Once again we can rely on Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Mohd Yunus to entertain us during these gloomy days with the uncertainty of Budget 2017 but in doing so, he reveals much about himself.

He refers to "animals in the zoo" and describes American lawyer Kimberley Motley as "crazy". No doubt insane beasts, whether in zoos or in the wild, are creatures Jamal is very familiar with since he is constantly running with them.

Foreigners tarnishing Malaysia’s judicial and legal system, you say? I don't think that is necessary since we are already doing a darn good job of it ourselves.

By the way, Jamal, I am sure your back-to-the-future routine outside the homes of Malaysians you disagree with must be the height of testimony to our judicial and legal system since inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar deigns to take any action against you.

The world at large, through the kind services of CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera, will be exceedingly impressed with your maturity and intelligence.

6th Generation Immigrant: Jamal should tell Malaysians which law did Motley break in Malaysia? Secondly, please advise how the US as a country has tarnished Malaysia, its legal system and its judiciary via Motley?

Jamal should get his facts right before shooting off his gap. It is within Anwar's right, and every Malaysian's too, to defend himself fairly and openly through his lawyers.

Anwar has appointed the renowned human rights lawyer to assist in a number of cases, including his review of the February 2015 sodomy conviction, so what particular Umno law did Motley break?

Let's see. Fifty-one percent of Malaysian voters (at least six million) think that Anwar is politically convicted.

Are these six million people tarnishing everything in Malaysia? Are we breaking laws? Should we be sent home too? Should we be protested against?

Odin Tajué: Jamal, you have plainly exhibited your scant knowledge by accusing Motley of not respecting Malaysian law and contending that Anwar was not a political prisoner.

Be as it may, there is a simple way to blast away the evil American imperialists, a way you are totally familiar with.

It is, dish out RM50 to each Malay sharing your character and level of intellect, tell them to wear a red shirt, and all of you march to the front gate of the American Embassy.

One can be certain that there will be hundreds of thousands of you all. Once there, do the sort of thing like you did recently in Petaling Street.

On sighting the highly agitated, noisy mass of red-shirted crowd, doubtless, the cowardly Americans will rush to their bedrooms, cower under their beds and wet their unmentionables.

You break down the gate, rush in and destroy and annihilate. Some 10,000km away, President Barack Obama, quaking in fear, will immediately despatch his Air Force 1 to fly post haste to Kuala Lumpur to remove Motley from your sight.

Mushiro: It is Jamal's right to rally outside the Federal Court in Putrajaya and the police should give him the permit.

It is also Anwar's right to engage any lawyer for his case and it is Motley's right to fight any which way she wants as long as it is within the law.

Let the people see and judge, and let the judge judge.

Simple Malaysian: Jamal, please stick to your ‘ikan bakar’ business and leave the other matters to the rightful authorities.

The DPM has allowed the lawyer concerned to proceed with meeting jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and whatever process that goes on thereafter will be within the jurisdiction of the laws of Malaysia.

KnockKnock: Motley is not coming here to break down Anwar's cell; and she is only coming back here with papers and not with bands of armies.

She has no quarrel with you until or unless you are the one who is nominated to rebut her intelligence in court. Don't you have trust upon our attorney-general’s (AG's) pick on this matter?

Imagine how many of our law students will be able learn from this woman when she presents her case, be it good or otherwise.

Or you prefer our generations to be like you, wearing red shirts and shouting and screaming like a howler monkey running amok every time it sees the sun sheds its light?

Tholu: Protest for this, protest for that; protest now, protest later; protest here, protest there, protest for no reason, protest for no cause.

Jamal, when are you going to protest against your parents for giving birth to an impetuous and insane person like you and when are you going to protest against your wife for marrying a hare-brained and insolent moron that you are?

Oscar Kilo: And Jamal, your Umno boss should respect US laws when spending allegedly stolen 1MDB funds there.

CheeCheongFun: Huh? Who's the crazy one? No prize for guessing.

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