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Parliament should stop this ‘more halal than thou’ folly

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YOURSAY | ‘You can't create the problem and then blame others to not fix the problem.’

Muslim consumers frown upon new halal logo move

Sabahan: It is so funny. In Malaysia, every small thing must be halal, but the government turns a blind eye to usage of tax money collected from non-halal sources, for example gambling. The Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) also does not bother about the money being circulated, even if the money has passed through the pork sellers’ hands.

When travelling overseas, no one dares to ask if the food served is truly halal (according to Malaysian halal standards) What a joke.

Bazooka: I keep wondering at the motivation of the Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority (Risda) in proposing this second halal certificate. Is it the opportunity to generate income for Risda? A second certificate has no added-value to a product, except to tell that it was produced by a Muslim. To the Muslim producer, it will add to their cost of production, which is totally wasteful, which is abhorrent in Islam.

I hope the Malaysian Parliament will stop this ‘more halal than thou’ folly.

Existential Turd: Why stop there? The halal certification should be expanded to include the source of Jakim's funding. Halal certification is big business. That is why so many organisations are salivating and competing to issue their own certifications. It has nothing to do with observance of Islamic values. Note how the so-called halal cows were revealed to be mistreated and slaughtered in Indonesia some years ago.

On the one hand the government keeps bemoaning the people are not united and blaming vernacular schools for keeping children from being united; on the other hand, government departments are actively segregating Muslims from the rest of the nation. Hello, you can't create the problem and then blame others to not fix the problem.

Anonymous 2415891461978791: Isn't ‘confusing Muslims’ some sort of big crime in Malaysia? Well, this very important issue of getting piggy-free products, not handled by ladies at a certain time of the month, not gazed upon by adulterers or licked by puppy dogs, has all the elements to confuse with multiple confusing certifications. For shame.

There is much handling of money in Malaysia which has passed in the near vicinity of the much-feared pig or dog. For shame. They should issue special Muslims-only money.

GE14Now!: This is a rehash of the six-months-rent-free Low Yat 2. What they are trying to do is to polarise the already divided country in the hope that Muslims will eventually come to the belief that anything that is made by non-Muslims is not halal. Will shaking the hand of a non-Muslim be eventually tagged as not-halal as well? Why go to all these lengths when the most non-halal item is this country is a PM who allegedly steals from the country?

Asitis: What about the air that you breathe, the water that you use for washing and drinking, the ground that you walk, the space that you occupy, etc, etc. It is possible (almost certainly, like 100 percent probable) that all these were once used by those who eat haram food and use haram items, that they had once touched haram items. So how to certify these are halal?

It would be impossible. The only way to get around this problem is to stop breathing, washing, drinking, walking, occupying space, etc. In other words, stop existing.

Wira: On packaging, just ensure that the internal packing is air- and liquid-tight. External contamination will not occur. If we worry about parts per billion contamination, then we would be looking at non-halal humans and animals which must breathe to live.

Anonymous #13114320: The more you read about it, the more it shows how shallow their views, from top to bottom. Not just shallow, but more like stupid. If your food is lousy, no matter how many logos you put on it, you still won’t get demand. There are many restaurants without logos and still many flock in. Containers need logos, too? That shows how bad is the mess Malaysian are getting into.

Alfanso: Is it going to be science or religion? I guess non-Muslims will choose science and it will be okay provided it is measured, quantified and of quality. The other area, I wonder?

Anonymous_3e86: Soon the ringgit will be divided into halal and non-halal. And what about the road that the trucks that carry the food take? Will they have to be classified too? It's getting quite ridiculous. We are in a multi-racial country.

Anubis: Here's irrefutable proof that religion was introduced as a mind drug to keep the hoi polloi stupidly preoccupied with non-issues while their puppet masters rob them and their descendants of everything worth stealing.

Adam Ningau: When you want to go the extreme way, there are many more things the Muslims can do. Muslims' are sensitive towards halal is because they have been taught to be sensitive since young. Looking at recent developments, our Muslim community will only become more and more extreme as the days go by.

Tulan: I wonder if all those handphone are halal or not? They are all carried through containers, too. In future, must all handphones have the halal logo, too?

BernieBaby: To introduce another logo to identify the producer's religion will assist me in evaluating the quality of the product on the spot before even trying it. By all means introduce it.

Wg321: We should follow the examples of our late former prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman concerning halal money and non-halal money. In one of his books, he jokingly said that his non-halal money which he won in horse-racing, he will kept in his right pocket. His halal money will be kept in his left pocket.

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