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The questions we would like to ask Razak Baginda

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YOURSAY | ‘Yes, we'd rather hear his perspective on the Altantuya murder.’

Razak Baginda to speak at public forum in KL next month

Hardboiled: Only in Malaysia can such an event take place by a man who made millions for being the middleman for the government, then became a prime suspect for a high-profile murder, and now lives outside of Malaysia, only to come back and talk about democracy.

A democratic country would have made him and the government accountable for the transaction (does the submarine even submerge any more?). A democratic country would have heard his defence before acquitting him of the crime.

A democratic country would not have elected an official who was "linked" to the murder, made suspicious dealings while as defence minister, and allegedly stole or embezzled or lost billions of taxpayers’ money (while selling assets to foreigners), and still have him as the leader of the country.

There is no democracy in Malaysia. There is only a show of democracy, with an authoritarian autocratic rule behind it.

Trueglitter: The highly regarded dignity and sanctity of our ennobled judiciary institutions has apparently been compromised when the very controversial and unpopular political analyst, Abdul Razak Baginda has surprisingly been provided the unprecedented opportunity by the BN-led government to showcase his expertise at a public forum in Kuala Lumpur next month.

Clearly, the ease of return to Malaysia by Abdul Razak Baginda after his highly controversial stay at overseas for more than eight years, should rightly raise more than just an eyebrow, when an innocent Mongolian national, Altantuya Shaariibuu, was mercilessly murdered.

The said murder, attracting international attention and condemnations has been made all the more sinister and murkier by the abrupt departure of Abdul Razak to the UK without been called to make his defence despite been the victim's lover and a close confidant of PM Najib Razak.

We can conclude that his return to Malaysia is with a hidden agenda to help rid the dark clouds now looming over Najib.

Jaycee: Please, spare us. You have taken millions of dollars of the Malaysian taxpayers’ money disguised as commissions. You are also embroiled in the death of a Mongolian lady.

Until all these accusations are sorted out, I suggest that you do not show your face around here. It opens up too many wounds.

Annonymous: Oh good! We will be at the forum to ask this adulterer, the "global perspective" on corruption and whether it is a "global or domestic trend" for anyone to receive a huge RM500 million in "commission" when the person or parties concerned (including the defence minister) are working for the government and country?

We also want to know whether it's a "global trend" or only a trend in Malaysia that the money received are legal and considered as "commission" or "donation" and whether or not such colossal sum of money received by an individual need to be declared to Inland Revenue Board (IRB)?

Dr Suresh Kumar: “Asked on the matter, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) chief executive officer Wan Saiful Wan Jan Malaysiakini that he will be speaking on the Malaysian democracy trend - how it has evolved over time.”

It should read “dissolved” not “evolved”. Democracy will never evolve in any country that uses Islam to suppress and repress its own people.

Wan Saiful, it's a pity that you are allowing your image to be desecrated by sharing a platform with someone who is as tainted as Abdul Razak, who misused the same 'democracy' to allegedly pocket RM500 million for doing nothing much.

Clever Voter: The unfortunate thing about this country is the apathy and insecurity among the rural and semi-urban voters over the need to remove this rotten government.

The Najib administration has done much damage to future of the nation. One consequence is the removal of democratic values in the name national security.

The event features a person such as Abdul Razak who is another evidence of how a person “literally can get away with murder”. The recent cases of corruption in Sabah is a tipping point.

If left unattended, democracy will finally be buried. The big picture is that Malaysia will be ill prepared for a tsunami of changes because we destroyed the capacity to handle the changes beyond our means.

CQ Muar: In order that this nation be returned with hope and aspirations for all, regardless of race or religion, it must embrace the fundamental principles of fairness and unity; guided by a chartered course; the spirit of oneness; learn and avoid from the tattered past. Last but not least, lots of blessings from the Almighty.

Hang Babeuf: There are a few things that we all want to know from this guy - and ‘Revisiting Democracy: Global and Domestic Trends’ is not one of them.

"Dog and pony show" is a colloquial term which has come to mean a highly promoted, often over-staged performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince opinion for political, or less often, commercial ends.

Typically, the term is used in a pejorative sense to connote disdain, jocular lack of appreciation, or distrust of the message being presented or the efforts undertaken to present it.

Headhunter: Yes, we'd rather hear his perspective on the Altantuya murder.

Anonymous_3e86: I suspect he will do a "Najib" manoeuvre when the day comes. I doubt he will show up to answer any question from the public since it is supposed to be a public forum.

I can imagine the type of questions that he will be asked…

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