Consumer group to advise pork burger chain on multiculturalism

Anne Muhammad

Modified 25 Oct 2016, 9:37 am

Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) will meet the owner of a pork burger chain to "teach them how to live in a multicultural society".

"We will meet with them if there is no action from the government. We need to find a way to raise understanding and not to be willfully provocative.

"We have ethnics and culture. We must be careful if we love harmony in our country," he told PPIM director Nadzmin Johan told Malaysiakini.

Some consumers earlier expressed unhappiness with the local non-halal burger chain over its latest product - the "P Ramly" - where the "P" stands for "pork".

According to a report in Berita Harian today, some Muslim consumers were unhappy because the product name is a play on P Ramlee, a legendary Malay actor.

Berita Harian had investigated the matter following complaints from readers.

"Why use the name P Ramly? There are other names that doesn't sound like a Malay name or a prominent local actor that can be used to attract non-Muslim customers," said Jasmin, a complainant.

According to Berita Harian, its reporters had visited a mall in Petaling Jaya which housed one of the chain's outlet. The product was introduced on Aug 31 and is priced at RM9.90.

However, the burger chain's proprietor Kelvin Tan said it is all "a concidence".

"The Ramly Burger has been in Malaysia for a very long time; it's iconic. It's a homage to them," he said, referring to the popular burger patty company.

"That's why we came up with 'P.Ramly'. It's got nothing to do with the actor. It's purely a coincidence. The 'P' is for pork - 'Pork Ramly'," he is quoted by The Malay Mail Online as saying.

Direspectful to P Ramlee

Several mall goers interviewed by the daily concurred that the name of the product was not in good taste.

"Their (promotional bunting) was placed in a high traffic area. It was as though they wanted to attract everyone's attention, including Muslims.

"This causes confusion," said one mall goer.

Another one said name of the product was also disrespectful towards the late P Ramlee.

"Although it is spelled differently, it sounds similar. P Ramlee is a household name in Malaysia," said one mall goer.

At the time of writing, the burger chain in question had begun soliciting feedback online on a new name for the P Ramly burger.