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Perhaps Riza in China to film ‘Wolf of Wall Street 2’

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YOURSAY | 'It is totally inappropriate for him to be amongst those flying in the PM’s jet, family or not.’

Rafizi: Why was Riza Aziz on Najib's jet to China?

Trueglitter: PM Najib Razak's inclusion of his infamous stepson, Riza Aziz, on the government official jet to China is deemed extremely demeaning and inappropriate, considering the seriousness of the latter's involvement in the 1MDB scandal that had cause much international news and inevitably, has also shaken the nation and its people.

Clearly, more salt has been added to the wound, when the conniving and defiant stepfather discarded all governmental protocols to shamelessly front his stepson before top Chinese officials.

It is deeply disappointing and disturbing that Najib has failed acknowledge that Riza has brought great shame to the country, or is this his way to prove to the international community that the serious impeachment that Riza has to bear is now a "no case" issue, hence his "official" emergence alongside the official Malaysian delegation.

Anonymous #21828131: Well, this a prime example of what kleptocracy is all about as revealed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). They can run the show as if everything is theirs and nobody can question them.

The corrupt are keeping their lips sealed even though they know now that they have been taken for a ride. They can't say a thing because they too have many skeletons in their closet, with compliments and courtesy of you know who.

They can rid debts as in selling off prime property belonging to the rakyat at a song and recoup the losses by overpricing deals and trading off such losses. They can write off laundered debts by raping the coffers and remain totally silent because the checks and balance of the administrative powers have been turned on its head by abuse of power.

It looks like the sequel of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and the all the allegedly laundered money in the US, from apartments to illegal funds to gambling debts will now become China's baby.

Just a Malaysian: Maybe Riza is there to do more "investing", or make a movie. Perhaps the new movie is called ‘Dragon of Shanghai’.

Anonymous_3ef7: They should fly MAS. British royal family flies on commercial airlines. What more politicians and elected representatives here?

Anonymous_1395464675: The PM is using public funds for his whole family while we are forced to pay higher fuel prices, higher cooking oil price and soon higher toll charges.

How are we to survive if he keeps on spending our money? Where is this country heading to? The cabinet ministers are useless as they are loyal to the PM for whatever reason.

Doc: This whole issue on why Riza and his step brother Norashman are riding on Malaysia's state jet, accompanying their father/stepfather on his mission to China can be easily explained if the people of Malaysia accept the glaring fact that Malaysia is an "autocratic state run by Najib and his family" and not a democracy like most Malaysians are still hallucinating about.

Negarawan: Why hasn't there been a single Islamic authority in Malaysia that has taken action against Riza for producing a sexually-explicit movie? They do not have any excuses, especially since he is present in Malaysia.

Yellowhero: I agree with Negarawan. Where are all the ulama who foam at the mouth regarding race and religion but not a squeak from them regarding the stepson's involvement in a soft porn movie?

Imagine if Riza was related to an Amanah or PKR leader. That would have been on TV3 daily!

Pemerhati: The reality is most of the people in the West and China love Najib. According to Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs raised US$6 billion for 1MDB in bond sales and charged $590 million, which is five to 10 times the normal rate.

Najib was not bothered about the high charges but was very happy because the more money that was borrowed, the more he could allegedly siphon. The money was then allegedly used by him and his family to purchase real estate, luxury goods, etc, in US and Europe which made all those businesses happy.

Unfortunately for him some independent enforcement agencies in the West have exposed this and given him a bad name.

This has forced him to turn to China and the Chinese are happy to deal with him because they know Najib is desperate and has to repay the huge sums he borrowed. They will thus make huge profits from his desperation just as the West profited from his greed.

The only people who will suffer are the Malaysians, the majority of whom are Malays.

Rosmah's aide: PM's family in China on special invitation

Anonymous 1890491455255851: Is PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor’s aide Rizal Mansor kidding?

This is the stepson who allegedly benefitted from funds raised for investments that were meant to make money for our sovereign fund.

Instead, millions went to him to allegedly purchase high-end properties and invest in movies, the profits from which have obviously have not gone back to 1MDB.

It is total inappropriate for him to be amongst those flying in the PM’s jet, family or not.

Dalvik: China is a communist country. What is Malaysia's position now, given that we are even banning Chin Peng's ashes from being brought back to Malaysia?

We are buying weapons from China, so does that mean we have started acknowledging communism?

Spinnot: I don't know what the Chinese proverb ('When you drink water, think of its source') has got to do with the invitation to Najib's family but it is true that foreign leaders have brought their families along when visiting China.

The Canadian PM brought his wife and teenage daughter when he visited in September. The Belarusian president brought his teenage son along.

Justicekini: How is that the Chinese leaders visiting Malaysia do not bring their all lot of family members if that is Chinese customs?

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Indeed, maybe I am not Chinese enough. I never knew that if I invite my friend to, say my birthday party, it would mean inviting his adult children along.

Odysseus: We are told to be prudent with our finances as times are bad. Please tell us what can Riza contribute in this China trip to Malaysia's benefit.

He is definitely an embarrassment to the country as he is named in the DOJ suit.

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