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Our admission of 1MDB culpability couldn’t be louder than this

YOURSAY | ‘When you are a signatory to the MLA, you are legally bound to honour it.’

M'sia turned down MLA request for 1MDB probe, says Swiss AG

Quigonbond: Dear attorney-general (AG), most people with brains already know you won't properly investigate 1MDB or the PM.

They are also quite settled with their assumption that you won't render any assistance to foreign investigators. The PM has already given the reason - it is deemed as foreign interference.

So, there is really no need to pretend like there is still an ongoing investigation because it's a lie. If there is still investigation going on, it is only as a ‘To Do’ file on the desk of the police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Bank Negara and Attorney-General’s Chambers, collecting dust right now. After GE14, it will convert to ‘No Further Action’ (NFA).

But in doing so, it speaks volumes about the culpability of the 1MDB board, the PM, and those in the cabinet who are now complicit to a cover-up. The excuse that there is "no evidence" does not work anymore because there is refusal to investigate.

There is only one verdict. Guilty of embezzlement, corruption and money-laundering in Malaysia and elsewhere. This is not libel; it is fair comment.

Anonymous 706151436780066: If you won’t answer a straightforward question about what you are deemed to know; that reluctance will be construed against you.

This means the Swiss will just come to their own conclusion that you have something to hide and that if you revealed it, your goose is cooked. Simple as that, AG Mohamed Apandi Ali.

It was your call and you chose to butcher it, and in so doing you stained this nation with culpability.

FellowMalaysian: For heaven's sake, the Swiss Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is taking the necessary legal action against those who have allegedly laundered and misappropriated 1MDB's funds and our AG is not even interested in cooperating with them?

Gerard Lourdesamy: Where is the evidence of the "ongoing criminal investigation"?

Last I read, the police have yet to record statements from PM Najib Razak, the former CEO of 1MDB Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi, the entire board of directors of 1MDB, tycoon Jho Low and his associates, Riza Aziz, and the Arab facilitators of the fraud in the UAE, Khadem Al-Qubaisi and Mohamed Badawy Al-Husseiny.

There is no evidence that the AG has sought mutual legal assistance from other foreign countries investigating 1MDB. Also, no evidence that Interpol has been asked to track down these suspects or witnesses.

And absolutely no contact with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US regarding their investigations.

The AG is buying for time, hoping that Najib's golf buddy president-elect Donald Trump will direct the DOJ to close the investigations and the ongoing civil case.

But given that Trump fought and won the US elections on a strong anti-corruption platform, it is wishful thinking on the part of Najib and his advisers.

Rick Teo: When you are a signatory to the MLA, you are legally bound to honour it.

The excuse given by AG for not providing assistance is disgraceful since it is an attempt to shield the alleged perpetrators from facing criminal prosecutions.

Avatar 111: In South Korea, the president is shamed and brought to her knees for just on suspicion of her office being influenced by a close aide. What a difference.

Vijay47: Latest from Wikileaks - the full reply from Apandi:

Your Excellency, I refer to your letter seeking the cooperation of the Malaysian authorities in respect of your enquiries into alleged illegalities by 1MDB.

Malaysia is committed to its international obligations, especially those within the MLA with Switzerland.

Much as we would wish to render all assistance that you may need, I regret that we are unable to do so at present as Malaysia's own investigations are currently on-going.

Our constitution, as interpreted by our police chief Khalid Abu Bakar prevents us from revealing progress.

However, Excellency, you can be assured that we would gladly adhere to our MLA responsibilities as soon as matters are resolved locally.

The various departments under my purview are strenuously pursuing the issue and we expect our investigation to be completed soon by 2050 to coincide with Malaysia's elevation to developed nation status.

Prime Minister Najib sends his regards. So does his wife. And his stepson.

Gggg: Vijay47, I almost believed it until the last two sentences.

Shunyata: Indeed, the admission of guilt does not get any louder than this, really.

Malaysia4All: Malaysia has become a pariah nation, stalling international investigations to protect MO1 (Malaysian Official 1).

What a sad end to a promising nation, all because of grand corruption and dedak-ingesting sycophants with no integrity to uphold the law.

Anonymous #70881335: What have we become? We are not only 'the sick man of Asia". We are also alleged thieves. What have we become?

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