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Cleansing needed for Umno to be strengthened for GE14

UMNO AGM Umno's strength is dependent on the loyalty of its members to move in tandem with the party leadership to fight off any attacks from the Opposition.

Delegates and political analysts say if the principle of 'walak' or loyalty was understood and practised by members at all levels, the question of cleansing the members would not arise.

Semporna Umno division treasurer Razak Sakaran said what party president Najib Abdul Razak said in his policy speech about Dr Mahathir Mohamad's betrayal of the party, religion and race was a clear signal that he wanted Umno to have only those who truly loved the party.

"The cleansing process is necessary following the actions of several senior Umno leaders whose stand and philosophy clearly contradicts the spirit of Umno's struggle.

"I see this (cleansing) as very important for us to move forward because we do not want to have enemies within our ranks, so that we can draw up strategies to face the 14th general election."

Razak said what two wings of the party said at their respective general assemblies proved that the matter was serious and should be immediately resolved.

"If these elements (hidden enemies) are in the party, it would be hard for it to plan strategies because there would be betrayal and sabotage.

"Umno has had a lot of experience (in this), during the GE11, GE12 and GE13, when sabotage was very obvious.

"I feel, if there are any members who don’t agree (with the leadership), get out (of the party) like a gentleman," he said, agreeing that the cleansing be done at all levels within Umno.

Padang Serai Puteri Umno chief Faizah Pear Muhamad proposed that the party carries out a cleansing operation to remove any members who had switched parties, either openly or quietly.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin in his policy speech on Wednesday said anyone who no longer wanted to be with Umno should get out of it.

"Those who do not want to be with Umno, get out now. Do not be enemies within us. Do not be cowards. Do not hide. If you don’t like, fight openly," Khairy said.

- Bernama

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