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Can Mahathir save Malaysia from Mahathirism?

YOURSAY | ‘He is our Dr Hannibal Lecter. We need to work with him to stop an even worse killer.’

DAP delegate quits over Dr M, Karpal's daughter raises concern

Vent: Quite apart from Shamser Singh Thind's dissatisfaction and Sangeet Kaur Deo's appeal to principles, the DAP has had its fingers burnt time and again over its choice of Malay allies.

Yet in its haste to shed its stigmatised Chineseness and its greed for an electoral victory, it's practically gloating over former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's cosiness with it.

But its naivete is rather astounding if it cannot see as many others can - that Mahathir is firstly all about himself and about wreaking vengeance on anyone who dares to cross him as Najib and his boys have dared to. Remember Anwar Ibrahim? How soon we forget!

Secondly, the man is fuelled by the desire to maintain his legacy and to ensure his son's ascendancy. He knows dopey-eyed 'boboi' can't do it alone. Mahathir cannot save Malaysia. But he will fight to save his legacy.

ABC123: Sometimes, in order to achieve the greater good, you have to choose the lesser of two evils. I may not agree with Mahathir, but I acknowledge his usefulness. If to stop the biggest crook ever, I have to align with an old retired crook, then so be it.

It's like the ‘Silence of the Lambs’. Mahathir is our Dr Hannibal Lecter. We need to work with him to stop an even worse killer. Use him. Pick his brain.

Yes, Mahathir has his own agenda and we must be cautious. But to get him to help save Malaysia from destruction, is it not worth that risk? I think it is.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If Shamser and Sangeet disagree, that is fine, they are entitled to their views.

Aries46: Principles alone will not sustain DAP nor rid the scandal-ridden Najib regime that is eroding the nation by the hour. Politics is the art of the possible, not a zero sum game.

Considering the extreme race and religion survival strategy of the Umno/PAS challenge, this is not the time to nit-pick the limited resources at our disposal. Be very afraid - without pragmatism, the opposition may end up empty handed in GE14.

DAP has just emerged from the evils of the Abdul Hadi Awang quandary. Can it get any worse?

And it is not our culture to insult a 91-year-old statesman who sacrificed his office and perks, walked away from the party he formed, single-handedly taken on its decadent regime and offered his hand in friendship to his detractors, whatever his past.

Fairperson: Mahathir has not apologised for his past sins. A person's true change for the better comes from realisation of past mistakes and accompanied with sincere apologies.

Please note that Mahathir aligning with DAP is to oust Najib and only Najib, nothing else. If at all he succeeds in doing that with DAP, you will see Mahathir in a new coat but with the same old "spirit".

The sooner DAP disassociates with Mahathir, the better it is for the party. I will rather support Najib than Mahathir. Najib has his wrongdoings but nothing compared to what Mahathir did.

6th Generation Immigrant: It is sad that we who claim to love the country, fight for the country and willing to die for the country, are all yet unable to unite for a single "cause" and seek a common platform.

Sun Tze said: “Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots.”

Whether or not uttered, every step taken, every action executed, every statement made and every function attended today, these are all subtle apologies from Mahathir. Are these Mahathir critics actually expecting this 91-year-old man to shed tears and be shamed publicly by them?

It is actually a long apologetic journey for him. He has done wrong, but he knows the enemy, their platform and he was the enemy - which strategists or warriors would not die to exploit?

Mahathir's journey of long apologies should, can and must be exploited to kill the monster (the party and its leaders) he had created. We can kill quite a number of birds using Mahathir as the stone.

Shovelnose: Yes, principles are sacred and should be held firmly. Alliance, however, are just temporary and expeditious way out of the present situation.

It would feel like many think that it's better way forward if the wily old fox just swallow his pride, admits to his past transgressions and apologises... then the alliance would be legitimate and supported by more people. That's laughable idyllic wishful thinking.

Once in power, the current fragmented opposition will fight tooth and nail in the scramble for positions. They cannot even assemble the shadow cabinet for the fear of backstabbing and sabotage in the lead-up to the elections.

Even if it survives, would the future coalition be able to withstand the pressure of being in government to achieve the ideals it once stood for?

Trueglitter: Discerning politicians have always acknowledged the fact that to attain success in their endeavours, to achieve meaningful outcomes, particularly in a climate of political uncertainties, judicious judgments and consultative involvements with party loyalists and the likes must be exercised at all times.

It is also the capability to evolve with changes on the political landscape where alliances with even past foes must be earnestly forged in order to harness a formidable and winnable force to overcome their political enemies.

The quitting of DAP publicity secretary Shamser should not be accorded the publicity that he deserved as his one-sided cum immature view is unworthy of any concern or worry of DAP by his vehement and inappropriate attacks on Mahathir particularly, at a time when the opposition parties are earnestly rallying and galvanising their collective endeavours at the approach of the imminent GE14. We wish Shamser a very happy departure.

CQ Muar: Accepted, it's generally good maxim to have principles in life, but one must view the situation at hand.

We all know how Mahathir had incurred the wrath of many during his tenure as PM, but he has decided to side with the opposition to overthrow Najib.

Such a decision surely didn't come easy for the nonagenarian, though he has yet to make amends over his past. Let the wound heal, though the scar remained.

In this context, one can't be too dogmatic about principles, but to bend the rule to attain a common objective. This may sound hypocritical, but then, it's the only way to topple an allegedly crooked leader like Najib.

Let's admit Mahathir's support is crucial in order to achieve an otherwise impossible feat in the next GE. Let's be malleable under such circumstances if we expect to win this near impossible battle against the allegedly dictatorial, corrupted and unprincipled PM.

Dex: If Karpal Singh was alive today, he would have done the same thing that Lim Kit Siang has done. Remember Karpal and Anwar's relationship before and after Anwar was dismissed from the government...

Anonymous 2442821478476620: In World War Two, the Allies have to partner with dictator Stalin to take down the equally worse Hitler regime.

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