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Road ‘hog’ gets what she deserves

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YOURSAY | ‘This woman's behaviour is totally unacceptable. It shows how arrogant one can be when driving 'big' cars.’

Dont Just Talk: The woman's (Tan Yeoh Foong’s) golden Mercedes Benz was apparently obstructing traffic and when a traffic summon was issued to her, she signed with the word ‘babi’, which reflected her arrogance.

She deserved to be remanded to teach her a lesson that being rich does not mean you can park your car any which way you want.

In fact, the lack of enforcement by traffic police has resulted in cars being parked at road junction and shoulders, and even the triple parking of cars seems to be the norm now.

Anonymous 23651434356067: Tan’s behaviour is totally unacceptable. It shows how arrogant one can be when driving 'big' cars. This is common nowadays.

Just last Sunday I saw a Mercedes parked at the one-way T-junction somewhere around Jalan Masjid. It was my first trip there. The driver was not in the car. Other cars were forced to slow down. I don’t know why this particular car was given such privilege.

Trueglitter: The foolishness created by 'road hogs' should never be tolerated, especially by those who believe they are above the law and have the ability to arrogantly flout their wealth to belittle the dignity of others.

Hence, the timely arrest of the 53-year-old woman for allegedly obstructing traffic should be applauded.

The mindset of those mindless 'rich and powerful' behind the wheels of their mobile assets should seriously be discouraged as our society would be relegated to having the less advantaged living at the whims and fancies of the rich who will be ever ready to showcase their perceived invincibility.

With an increase in population along with the emergence of more affluent vehicle owners, not only stringent measures by traffic cops be carried out on the roads but severe penalties, including incarcerations, be handed down to the incongruous drivers as it will send the required and clear message to discourage errant divers.

Anonymous #44199885: This is most uncalled for. The police are by law required to act with restraint, but insults like this is unbecoming behaviour and very disrespectful.

She should be fined for using such language. It is clear she intended to insult.

Anonymous_1421406986: Give her the royal treatment she rightfully deserves. People have started taking the enforcement officers for granted, thanks to opposition politicians who call them running dogs of the government.

Yet these same people run to the nearest police station when in need of help. How many have seen traffic police officers standing in higher than waist deep dirty water, directing vehicles on a rainy day or help push stalled cars to a safer position?

Or man roads in the night to keep it safe from reckless drunk drivers/or those high on drugs while others sleep soundly? How many have died in the course of duty?

They don't deserve our ingratitude just because they issue summons. They are just as human as us, with equal share of human problems.

Anonymous #13571680: The law is to be respected and enforced. The problem is one cannot expect this to be done when there are double standards exercised by our law enforcers, especially by the police.

Thus, you have scenarios like this emerging.

The Shooting Star: I concede if she broke the law, she should face the music accordingly.

But the use of the word ‘babi’ is a different issue altogether and should be addressed and debated separately.

Let the law of the land applied equally to all Malaysians, with no exception and grace given to the chosen ones.

Anonymous #69337042: Why when red-shirt leader Jamal Md Yunos and the likes can call the minority race ‘babi’, action was deliberately not taken against them?

Why then arrest the woman for writing ‘babi’ on her summons?

Rocky: Yes, I really don't understand, she was arrested for calling herself a pig, but Jamal was not when he labelled an entire race pigs.

Anonymous 117651438093233: Indeed, this woman deserves to be punished within the ambit of the law for obstructing traffic (illegal parking) and for her insolent behaviour by signing "babi", instead of her name.

Jho Low family's move to claim assets rejected by US court

Anonymous #21828131: Can you lay claim to allegedly stolen money and property? When it comes to greed, these people don’t give two hoots about honesty and integrity, and are totally devoid of morals and shamelessly thick-skinned.

The same goes to Jho Low's de facto boss. I am sure the whole world knows who this person is.

By next year, this time, he (the de facto boss) and his friends will also embark on these false claims to secure their alleged loot before they ship it out to the grasslands of Central Asia.

Rick Teo: How audacious, how thick skinned. Allegedly caught stealing money from 1MDB, the family is trying to claim that the property in US was bought with their own money when the audit trail by Department of Justice (DOJ) confirms that the money was siphoned from 1MDB.

LHDN (Income Tax Department), please investigate the family to ascertain where the Jho Low's money came from.

Rupert16: If Jho Low dares not show up to challenge the DOJ suit, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the assets are indeed his ill-gotten gains from 1MDB in cahoots with MO1 (Malaysian Official 1), whom we all know is PM Najib Abdul Razak.

Anonymous #33227154: Luckily there is law and order in US, since Jho Low will not be subjected to the law in Malaysia.

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