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In Act 355, BN will 'rule by consensus' no more

YOURSAY | 'If BN parties must support Hadi's bill, how does it become gov't policy without active support of BN parties?'

'BN components can't object to Act 355 amendments'

Ipoh pp: MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the parties from Sabah and Sarawak: Where are you going to place your faces now? You always told us that BN works on the principle of consensus when making decisions. Can you say that now?

Hang Babeuf: BN component parties must support the "hudud-by-stealth-instalments" bill once it has become government policy. But how does it become government policy without the active support of the BN component parties? How come Umno feels entitled to proceed on this basis?

Was this the basis on which the old Perikatan (Alliance) used to work during Tunku Abdul Rahman's time? Was this the way in which agreement was achieved, via the "Merdeka process", to "sign up to" and affirm the nation-creating 1957 Merdeka Federal Constitution?

That, historically and not Abdullah Ahmad's later retrofitted Ketuanan Melayu fiction/fantasy, was "the social contract": The only social contract that this country has ever had.

For all Umno's calls to respect, and its demands that others uphold, "the social contract", do they know or care what that solemn, nation-founding social contract was, what it meant, what its continuing implications and obligations, including for Umno, were and are?

Shibboleth: BN component parties will not be able to object against amendments to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act (Act 355) once the relevant bill is taken over by the Federal Government.

Gerakan MIC and MCA cannot even have a debate at BN or pre-council level? What kind of alliance is this? Sounds like a "I say, you follow" alliance. Umno members will be cheering if all the MCA, MIC and Gerakan ministers resigned. More jobs for the Umno boys.

Aries46: Ahmad Maslan's flimsy farfetched tale about afterlife to justify taking over Abdul Hadi's bill belies the unreasonableness and the level of Umno's desperation and dependence on PAS for its survival.

Collusion with PAS has taken precedence to the point of it dumping its own allies in a corner. Whether or not BN parties support the bill, Umno's collusion with PAS is in itself enough for non-Muslim voters to give the death knell to its components.

As it is, unilateral conversions aided have intruded and devastated non-Muslim family units. Under no circumstances can the BN components justify supporting further advancement of PAS/Umno religious doctrines irrespective of who presents it in the Dewan Rakyat.

Worldly Wise: BN component parties, for what they are worth, ought to leave BN. They should have left when Tan Cheng Lock failed to join Onn Jaafar who wanted a United Malayans National Organisation, not a United Malays Nasional Organisation, which has now taken the country into decline. They should have left when in 1965 when Tunku Abdul Rahman abolished local council elections because 40 percent of the non-Malay population was holding political power.

Tunku wanted full Malay community control. This has led us into a steep decline. SGD1 is worth RM3.15, when both currencies were at parity in 1965. They should have left when the non-Malay population rejected them in recent elections.

Minister: Hadi's bill spared gov't need for consensus on syariah reforms

Gerard Lourdesamy: So the minister is admitting that the bill may be unconstitutional because it did not receive the consent of the Conference of Rulers and the support of the 14 states and territories in the federation. Then why the haste to table it other than to make sure the bill gets passed before the next election and to brandish their purported Islamic credentials to the Malay voters?

The machinations behind this bill confirms the existence of an unholy alliance between Umno and PAS which is a danger to democracy and the bill itself is a poisoned chalice to Malaysia.

The other BN component parties and the opposition should vote against the bill unless it is referred to a bipartisan parliamentary select committee for consideration, the state governments and legislatures are consulted and the consent of the Malay Rulers obtained before it can even be tabled for debate in Parliament.

Nobrain: What rubbish. A private member's bill can override the 14 states, the national Islamic Council and the Conference of Rulers? So when the government takes over the bill, all BN component parties must support it? MCA, MIC and Gerakan used to talk a lot. What now?

The Analyser: This bill will be trotted out every time DAP starts to get too big for their boots just to terrorise the Chinese and distract them totally from what they are supposed to be doing.

Failures also offer lessons, Annuar Musa shoots back at TMJ

Annonymous: This is the usual "brilliant" logic from these Umno leaders. Every time when these incompetent people are chastised by the rakyat, these clowns never failed to make us laugh!

Successful leaders like Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli and Lim Guan Eng will never stand a chance to become Umno leaders or cabinet ministers because they have no "experience" in "failures".

Now you know why Felda and some GLCs are led by experienced "failures" are so successful in reaping billions for the country. Now you know why Singapore will never be like Malaysia. I love Umno!

Alamak: Malaysian football has tasted success decades ago but instead of learning to be better we go the opposite way. We have more failures than success - no progress, only regression. Now we can't even compete regionally.

Don't these leaders know that the rot starts from the head?

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