Not a time for opposition to squabble over the PM candidate


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YOURSAY | ‘The opposition, if given the chance, has no shortage of credible leaders.’

Muhyiddin the best choice for PM, says Bersatu leader

The Power Of The Dream: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) president Muhyiddin Yassin could perhaps be a compromise to keep the peace within Pakatan Harapan and Bersatu, and be made a bridging prime minister, until PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is released from prison.

You have got to give a little, take a little, that is the story of strong leadership.

Voice: Based on Muhyiddin's status, he will be the best candidate from Bersatu, but definitely not the best or a first choice candidate from the opposition. The first choice should be a candidate from PKR, which has already been the accepted arrangement.

Even if Bersatu were to form an alliance with PAS, leaders from Bersatu would never be accepted as the PM if they won, because PAS would want their own leaders to be the first choice, and would never let it slip from their hands.

Fair Play: Muhyiddin had already failed before as deputy PM when he declared himself as a Malay first and a Malaysian second. If he is the best person to be the next PM, surely this country would face a very bleak future.

Sarawakian: Dear Malaysiakini readers, don't forget we are only talking about the interim PM and not the actual PM. Forget about Anwar or his wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, for the moment, there are too many 'ifs'.

In order to win GE14, Muhyiddin is the best choice for PM on condition he agrees to secure Anwar's pardon and institute far reaching reforms as interim PM.

If Harapan has learned anything from the Kajang Move, they should not nominate Wan Azizah. Forget about Muhyiddin's past, he is a changed man; even if he meant half of what he said during Bersih 5, he would not disappoint us.

The interim PM must convince the swing voters from Umno and win GE14. Only Muhyiddin fits the bill. Don't forget ultimately power lies in the hands of the MPs, Anwar can be PM if the MPs want it so, but they must win GE14 first.

Muhyiddin would be a very important asset if he, as PM designate, can convince some Umno warlords to jump ship come GE14 with some sort of amnesty. This is the sort of realpolitik that can save the country.

Getting swing voters from Umno sure beats begging PAS to cooperate.

Nehru: The PM, if the opposition wins, should be from PKR. Bersatu has no track record as an opposition party but only a group of disgruntled ex-Umno guys who got burned.

PKR has progressed from being an ex-Umno disgruntled lot to an effective opposition party. Bersatu needs to prove it won't be another PAS or rejoin Umno after removing Najib Razak as PM.

Bersatu, grow up first and don't be so greedy

Anonymous_1371637464: The real opposition would be crazy to accept a Bersatu candidate as its choice of future PM.

Bersatu has one purpose and one purpose only: remove Najib. Once accomplished, Bersatu will show its true intent of becoming the 'Reborn Umno', that, together with a 'Reborn BN', will continue the apartheid and supremacist policies of the last 60 years.

Hornbill: So, it's all about posts, isn't it? The post of PM should not be the main aim of any party in the opposition; the aim is to defeat the BN at GE14.

The party with the greatest number of seats has the most bargaining power to ask for their candidate to lead the country. Personally, I don't think Muhyiddin should be the PM; let new blood lead the nation.

It's not about governing as the main concern, but about making innovations that will bring the country forward like never before.

We have lost so much time engrossing ourselves with the 1MDB debacle. We must get back on our feet and only younger blood has the energy to recover lost ground.

Anonymous_4031c: Keep your opinion to yourself, Bersatu leader. The issue of who is going to be PM is not important - what is important is who can run this country and provide the leadership within the confines of the rule of law.

The issue of appointments is meant to split the opposition and will be exploited by its enemies. Muhyiddin in Umno was another 'so so' leader. Have you not seen the dynamism of people like Harapan elected representatives Rafizi Ramli, Baru Bian, Tony Pua, Khalid Samad and all?

The opposition, if given the chance, has no shortage of credible leaders.

Jaguh: They should go for an unknown neutral personality as the PM, a well-educated Malay male or female. Get out of the old way of selecting, change the way you think - that's the way to bring change.

Worldly Wise Every Malaysian is 'qualified' to be prime minister. But it is only Anwar Ibrahim, the jailed leader of the opposition, who stands a chance of getting the votes.

Kingfisher: What is serious discussion about the PM designate within Harapan can be perceived as scandalous politicking and not in their overall interest of defeating BN. Should such disquiet go on, they can be certain that BN would return/retain power.

While there is much consensus for Anwar to claim the position, there is a real world situation that may disadvantage such initiatives.

Why not invite a reputable 'outsider' like former law minister Zaid Ibrahim to indicate his interest for the growth of Harapan as a very viable alternative to BN?

Anonymous 2449221481025393: Muhyiddin is likely to become an interim prime minister who will be replaced by former Kedah menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir.

Nes: Come on, the opposition will not win GE14, and this dispute is another reason why.

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