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‘No plastic’ campaign will fail if sale of plastic bags allowed, says Noh

Selangor’s 'No Plastic' campaign would not achieve its objectives if the state government still allowed the sale of plastic bags to shoppers, said Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Noh Omar.

He said the ban on plastic bags, made effective from Jan 1, would only succeed if the state government dared to order supermarkets and other business outlets to replace the plastic bags with alternatives such as environment-friendly or biodegradable bags.

Speaking to reporters after the ministry’s monthly assembly in Putrajaya yesterday, Noh said his ministry had no problem with the move introduced by the Selangor state government but questioned its method of implementation.

“Will the objective of creating a clean environment or that is free of plastic bags be achieved if such bags are still being sold and shoppers pay for them when they have no choice?”

He said the Selangor government needed to be smarter in determining the implementation method of any new ruling they made so that it would not burden the people when enforced.

Noh said where the 20 sen per plastic bag charged on shoppers went to remained a question among the public.

“To answer this question, I suggest that every supermarket or retail outlet declare the value of its respective sale of plastic bags,” he added.

State executive councillor in charge of Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs Elizabeth Wong had reportedly said the 20 sen per plastic bag use charged was in line with the Selangor 'No Plastic' campaign which took effect on Jan 1.

- Bernama

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