Hadi fails to get his math right again


Modified 14 Feb 2017, 2:36 am

YOURSAY | ‘Almost 70pct of our population are Muslim. Over 90pct of ministers and CMs are Muslim.’

Hadi blames Dr M for weakening of Islamic political power

Debater: The sultans are all Muslim; the military and police chiefs are all Muslim and so are 90 percent of members of the army and police force.

Our civil service is more than 80 percent Muslim, our public universities chancellors are all Muslim, not to mention that 80 percent of teaching and administration staff. All our GLCs (government-linked companies) have more than 80 percent Muslim working for them.

Almost 70 percent of our population are Muslim. Over 90 percent of our ministers and CMs are Muslim. And yet you said Muslims are losing political power? Get your maths right, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Kim Quek: This mumbo-jumbo of illogic from Hadi to justify his rejection of the opposition front and the embracement of Najib Razak/Umno, is another strong indication that he has allegedly received something ‘unholy’ from Najib (as widely perceived by the public) to make him obligated to the latter.

It’s time to dump Hadi if PAS still wants to save the party from impending ruin.

Quigonbond: It's a bad idea to get elected on a racial basis. It's just as bad to get elected on religious basis.

Both culminates into discrimination against other religions and other races, makes the majority of people in this country less tolerant, making Malaysia less welcoming, and makes us less prominent in the world.

Umno and PAS are both dinosaurs in an age where Internet technology is revolutionising the way we solve global problems, transact and interact with one another.

We need more people who are passionate about meeting radical, real changes that is occurring in the world faster than we can ask "what is happening?" instead of having their heads stuck between their gonads thinking about ephemeral abstracts like race and religion.

It's like saying you'll fight to death to be captain of a ship when the ship is rapidly sinking when you should be focused on saving your passengers and sailors instead.

Unafraid: What Hadi is in effect saying is that Malaysia must be an Islamic state notwithstanding the ideology of our Founding Fathers nor the fact that the economy of the nation is dependent to a large extent on the efforts of non-Muslims.

He also seems to be totally blinded to the contributions of the East Malaysians where a significant percentage of the people are non-Muslims. Does Hadi want to turn Malaysia into a Syria, Iraq, Iran or Yemen?

Even among the 65% Muslims in Semenanjung (peninsula), what makes him think that all are in favour of his brand of Islam? The saving grace is that we still have a good number of right-thinking Malays left in the country.

Anonymous 2408551459232350: Hadi, now you admit that gerrymandering is rampant. Why then did you prohibit your members from participating in Bersih 5 which demanded for free and fair elections?

The Fog of Life: As a Muslim, let me remind PAS that Umno has been responsible for our racial and religious intolerance, the use of race and religion as political tools, the destruction of the rule of law and ethical conduct, promoting a culture where corruption and greed are acceptable values, failure to hold people to account for their crimes, a preferential and entitlement mentality, destruction of our education system, the breeding of utterly incompetent politicians, etc.

Give me a break, Hadi. If Umno had, in the past 35 years, practiced true Islamic values, we could well have been a role model nation long ago. And you ask for more Islamic political power. To do what? Abuse it and take us further into the gutter?

Why have other nations like Singapore succeeded so well? It has nothing to do with religion. It's down to basic core values that such societies build into their DNA.

The biggest danger we face in our steadily declining nation is that the leaders in Umno and PAS don't understand what I am writing about.

Doc: As a non-bumi Christian Malaysian; I would like to welcome Dr Mahathir Mohamad to our growing club of groups or individuals that are being accused by PAS and Umno of working to weaken Islamic political power here in Malaysia.

Our esteemed group of locals and international bodies that are being accused of committing this diabolical act include the Chinese (local Chinese Malaysians and not to be mistaken by the Umno-loving PRCs or the MCA community), Christians, DAP, Jews, Americans and George Soros (and his foundation).

So far Umno and PAS has not informed the Malaysian community, especially the Malays, on why certain groups or individuals are hell-bent in attacking the Malays or Islam.

Even these accused groups of individuals aren't aware what they are doing to cause the depletion of Islamic political power in Malaysia.

So, Dr M, welcome to the club of confused diabolical plotters who are against Islamic political power.

Negarawan: PAS and Umno have turned Islam into a religion of fear and intimidation. There is no difference between the ideologies of Islamic terrorists like Taliban, Abu Sayyaf and Isis, and that of PAS and Umno.

Act 355 is an attempt to intimidate and mislead gullible Muslims into supporting PAS and Umno, who would otherwise be accused of apostasy. Act 355 is nothing more than an instrument to impose severe punishment on wrongdoers.

A true religion seeks to be merciful and forgiving towards sinners, to give them hope, rather than to punish. It was once said by a great man, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at the sinner.”

Tan Kim Keong: What does it mean when Islamic political power is strong? Why must it be strong politically? And strong for who?

What is the thinking of the adherents with regards to the strength of their faith in their lives in the context of Islamic political power?

Anticonmen: God does not need you or tiny mortals to fight for him or defend him because he is the supreme, all-powerful, infinite soul who fills out the infinite universe and you are just a speck of dust consisting of a tiny finite soul that fills out a tiny finite body.

Well Thats Fantastic: I wouldn't care if all our politicians were atheists so long as they looked after everyone equally, ran the country without a personal agenda, and did so without putting us all in massive debt.

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