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Rafizi cites PMO letter on bankruptcy, Madinah's husband explains

Certain quarters have cast aspersion on the appointment of Madinah Mohamad as the next auditor-general due to her husband having gone on record to state he would sacrifice his life for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

PKR lawmaker Rafizi Ramli recalled a letter he had exposed on social media last May from the Prime Minister's Office to the Malaysian Building Society Berhad (MBSB), which relates to Madinah's husband Rizuan Abdul Hamid.

Rizuan, who is also Kepong Umno division chief, admitted that Najib did in fact attempt to assist him in settling his RM12 million loan issue outside court two years ago.

However, he denied that the letter penned by the prime minister's chief private secretary Shukry Mohd Salleh was meant to set aside the bankruptcy notice against him.

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