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Missing pastor’s family wants police to scale up their investigation

COMMENT The family of Pastor Raymond Koh who was abducted more than two weeks ago is asking police to investigate the case under Article 364 of the Penal Code - kidnapping or abducting in order to murder - which carries a death penalty or imprisonment of up to 20 years.

Koh’s son, Jonathan, made a second missing person's report yesterday asking police to treat the matter more seriously rather than to put it under Article 365 - kidnapping or abducting with intent to cause that person to be secretly and wrongfully confined - which carries a jail term of only up to seven years.

The family has said that it was obvious the abduction was not for ransom as none was demanded thus far. The family has also initially offered a reward of RM10,000 and later friends topped it to RM100,000, yet there were no takers.

“Where is Raymond Koh? Do Malaysian government officials have the answers?” asked correspondent Gary Lane in his report in the US-based Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) four days ago.

“Kidnapped in broad daylight on Feb 13, the Malaysian pastor’s family has still heard no word from his abductors. They believe police investigators are dragging their feet,” said Lane, who has previously met Koh.

Those close to Koh’s wife, Susanna, confided that police are more interested in finding out who Koh’s followers were and whether they were involved in “Christianisation”, a code word for proselytisation among Muslims.

If this is true, police are obviously either missing the forest for the trees or looking the other way. Likewise, Islamic agencies like Jais and Jakim and even mainstream media are invariably pursuing the proselytisation angle.

But this cannot justify his abduction which was professionally executed in under 40 seconds, according to those who have seen the CCTV recordings...

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