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S’wak BN may save the day in Act 355 vote

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YOURSAY | ‘There are many more woes plaguing the Muslims which PAS and Umno can't resolve.’

Sarawak BN objections may doom Act 355

Prudent: Article 8 of the Federal Constitution which states that all are equal under the law is no protection for non-Muslims.

In fact, in a Machiavellian twist, Article 8 can be used by the extremists to apply Act 355 to non-Muslims so as to comply with Article 8 and ensure that all are treated 'equally' under the law, that is, under Act 355 with its amendments to draconically increase penalties for whatever offences the extremists may allegedly choose to criminalise.

Drngsc: Sarawakians, please stand firm. Please do not succumb to bribes and blackmail. We depend on you to help us uphold the Federal Constitution.

We do not trust the non-Muslim parties in BN. We are depending on you.

Sarawakian: Drngsc, Sarawakians of every race and religion share your thoughts and hear your plea. Take comfort that Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg is seen as the most honest and principled politician in BN. I feel he will not let us down.

Fair&Just: I disagree. They are pretending to be taken aback. The Sarawak BN representatives are apparently worried they would get kicked out of the dedak-sharing when their electorate don't vote for them.

So far, these representatives have not done anything really good for Sarawak.

Anonymous 444981488553970: I don't think Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) seriously thought or even wanted Act 355 to pass.

He presumably just wanted to create an impression to PAS so that they will think that it's championing ‘Islamic’ ideals. Just some promotions to boost their GE14 credentials.

At the end of the day, Umno and PAS can say we did our best but others don't allow us.

Ace: Yes, on the contrary, this is what Umno and PAS really want. After all, this is just for show to impress and get the support of Muslims for GE14 and with the current ‘standoff’, the bill can ding-dong a few more times and the inconclusive status gets dragged on until the 14th general election (GE14) which suits Umno and PAS very well.

Wira: An amendment to Article 8 of the Federal Constitution is more difficult to get through than the passing of Act 355 which requires a simple majority.

If PM Najib Razak cannot convince the East Malaysians, he will at least have an excuse to PAS that it's not Umno's undoing which derails Abdul Hadi Awang's bill.

Anonymous_1421806811: There is nothing religious about amending Act 355. The decision is strictly political. Both PAS and Umno are desperate to regain their dwindling popularity and are hopeful Malays will support them.

There are many more problems plaguing the Muslims today which both PAS and Umno can't resolve. Fortunately, BN's political partners in Sarawak and Sabah have made their stand. Well done.

Sarawakians becoming concerned about Act 355

Ace: It's time Sarawakians (and Sabahans) wake up. Sarawak is probably something like Peninsular Malaysia in the 1960s where race/religious relations were still good and people of all races and religions were courteous, understanding, tolerant, supportive and helpful to one another.

Fifty years under BN has wiped out all these and we currently are faced with bigots and "I am greater than thou so you have to accede to whatever I want you to do" kind of little Napoleons.

If Sarawakians do not put their feet down, Sarawak will become exactly like this in five to 10 years’ time - guaranteed.

Survey: M'sians happy with BR1M, want it to continue

P Dev Anand Pillai: If it is money given free, Malaysians being Malaysians will definitely accept it. We live in a culture where money rules, values come second.

Further, with the education that Malaysians have today, with the exception of those in the privileged categories, it has made most Malaysians unable to think.

Malaysians are neither the reading types who keep wanting to know more. They are more akin to enjoying themselves when their purse strings permit, so with some money coming their way, they will definitely take it and sell their rights too.

With that kind of an attitude, parties like Umno can rule perpetually.

Charles Hector: Free money or free food at rumah terbuka, who will say 'No'? The fact that so many did not say 'No' is of concern.

In Malaysia, who asks the questions is relevant. If they believe it is government-linked, then many will give answers the government wants to hear. Many even still believe their vote is not secret.

What were the questions asked? No one will say do not help the poor, but Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) does not help the poor more. Can zakat money even help non-Muslims?

BR1M is not a right provided by law. Why? Make it a law, with a provision that helps the poorer more than the less poor. The poorer need much more assistance.

BR1M is now still at the discretion of Najib and the BN government. Why is Umno-BN scared to make it a right in law under the Welfare Ministry?

The fact that children and family members of past and present prime ministers and some other cabinet ministers are very rich is disturbing... very disturbing.

Vela: Huh, were you expecting the survey to yield results saying that people don't want free money payouts to continue?

Demi Rakyat: Respondents comprise BR1M and non-BR1M recipients. Of these, 63.9 percent say BR1M is not "bribery".

Guess what? I assume around 63.9 percent of the respondents were BR1M recipients. So, they have no choice. Otherwise, next time they will no longer come under BR1M-receiving categories.

Kamikasi: Give me free fish, why should I go fishing? When drought comes and no more fish, blame the non-Malays.

Ex-PJ: A fair way to redistribute the wealth in Malaysia? RM100 for you and RM20 billion for you-know-who.

Bornean: Of course, you give free money who is not happy? Basically, we are getting back a small portion of our money.

Try do a survey to see if people are happy paying the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other taxes.

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