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Animal lovers protest, want dog abuser's arrest

Some 50 protesters gathered outside Taman Melody in Puchong today to urge the arrest of alleged dog abuser Terry Yee.

However, the protest ended abruptly when police swooped in at about 3.20pm with at least four patrol cars.

With sirens blaring, they ordered the protesters to disperse and remove their cars that were parked illegally by the road. The protesters complied.

The protesters had been gathering since about 2pm to hold up placards and banners, many of which feature Yee's personal details such as his address and place of business, together with the words "Justice for Furby; Stop animal abuse".

They chanted "Arrest Terry Yee. Justice for Furby." at passing motorists. Some motorists honked and waved or gave the thumbs-up as they passed by, while protesters cheered in response.

No permit

The police had been gradually gathering in numbers at the sidelines until they finally swooped in. One police personnel was overheard telling a protester that there was no permit for the gathering.

The protesters were protesting against an incident where Yee was caught on CCTV camera beating a dog at the Taman Melody guardhouse, near the site of the protest.

The video dated April 2 had been making the rounds on social media and had enraged many animal lovers.

The footage showed the dog, the three-year old Furby, running up to Yee as the latter was passing the guardhouse. This apparently caused Yee to fall off his bicycle, along with a small dog that was in the basket.

Yee then proceeded to spend several minutes manhandling Furby and beating it with a motorcycle helmet.

He had since apologised over the incident and expressed remorse for overreacting. According to The Star, Yee claims to be an animal lover and owns several animals including a dog...

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