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Given a slap on the wrist and yet Faizal's still complaining

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YOURSAY | ‘Indeed, Faizal should be charged under a much more severe section of the law.’

Tajuddin's son accuses cops of being unfair

Slumdog: Pasir Salak Umno Youth chief Faizal Tajuddin, remember that you and your bunch of rowdies went to Parliament House with the sole intention of confronting Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, a Member of Parliament.

You can thank your lucky stars that the attorney-general decided to be lenient and only slapped your wrist with a feather and a RM100 fine.

You should have been charged with a more serious crime of rioting. Now don’t turn around and make out that you are the victim. Since when is “sial” a vulgar word? Grow up.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Yes, Faizal, you and your group should thank your lucky stars for being charged under a very lenient section of the Penal Code.

Indeed, you should be charged under a much more severe section of the law. So don't push your luck. We all saw the incident on video. From what we saw, you lot did not go to Parliament to question Khalid but apparently to assault him.

But for the presence of the police personnel, Khalid could have suffered bodily harm. Even if, as you said, you only tried to question him for calling your dad "sial", this act was totally unacceptable.

Khalid uttered those words in Parliament and as a result of provocation by your dad. We also witnessed on video exactly what had happened earlier in Parliament.

Your dad started the ruckus by attacking Seputeh MP Teresa Kok out of the blue. We are inclined to think that he did this intentionally to avoid answering a question posed to him as a deputy minister by an MP.

Your dad was behaving in a very uncivil manner. He is an absolute disgrace!

Politician: This small boy does not know that MPs have called one another by worse names in Parliament in the past. The word used against his father was rather mild as Khalid could have used something even stronger.

Faizal's father, the so-called MP and representative of a constituency, had shamelessly used a vulgar word disguised as Kok's name, and that was not a problem with this small boy and his gang of rowdies.

It is also a shame that the police took this matter - the breaching of security within the perimeter of the august House - so lightly and let them go with a RM100 fine.

If this had been opposition members, things would have been different. Our authorities have forgotten that the world is watching all the comedy that goes on in this country and yet they blame the opposition for the negative perception of Malaysia.

Clongviews: They were slapped with an RM100 fine and yet they talked about being unfair.

They should be charged under Section 147 of the Penal Code for rioting. This is typical of "ketuanan Umno".

Worried Sick: To enter the grounds of Parliament and indulge in shouting and creating a ruckus intending to assault an MP is a serious offence.

Charging these goons with such a minor offence is simply mind-boggling.

Ravinder: Kid gloves treatment such as this is a subtle approval of what happened and it serves not the purpose of deterring such behaviour in the future, but of actually encouraging it.

The message sent is that hooligans who want to assault parliamentarians should come dressed in business suits and do it within the Parliament premises.

If the same is done elsewhere, they could face higher fines or even jail terms. Talk of maintaining law and order by putting fear of the law in people.

Newday: Indeed, I must remember to wear a suit and tie next time I attack someone - then it will be a fine. You idiot, it's what is behind the face that counts. A thug is a thug is a thug.

Hornbill: What about the case of Tajuddin calling Kok with profanities? It is a shame that a deputy minister should lower his dignity by behaving like a bully in the august House.

Or doesn't Tajuddin consider Parliament an 'august' House? So Faizal, it is your father who started all this brouhaha in the first place.

Anonymous S303: Will PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) investigate itself?

Otherwise, next time I can breach Parliament’s compound and slap an MP and I will be fined RM100, and the offence will not be recorded.

CQ Muar: Reading through this article, no one can dispute the low mentality of these imbeciles. Well, what do we expect from this country of lawlessness anyway? It’s rotten to the core and directionless.

Clearly, all those threats and intimidating words uttered by Faizal showed they have no respect or regard for the law, let alone the police.

I dread to imagine what and how this country will evolve with such "untouchables" running around wielding their might and terror.

Over to you, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar. The ball is now in your court.

Chefoo: They are always right. The father was rude to call the Seputeh MP "a woman with Kok", and he can swear he didn't mean anything.

Clearly, Umno has no respect for others. These thugs got away with RM100 fine and yet they are complaining.

Kawak: When people cannot differentiate between wholesome and unwholesome actions, they are doomed. Worse, they even defended their unwholesome actions.

Anonymous_1371537191: If someone was to pass the same remark his father made against Kok about his sister or mother, how would he feel?

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