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Shabudin, would you allow a 10-year-old to smoke?

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YOURSAY | ‘Such irresponsible defences criminalise the victim and only encourage sexual predation of minors.’

Reports on ‘rape then marry’ remarks border on fake news

Basically: Fake news is something fabricated out of nothing.

What has happened is Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahaya has said something that has had an undesirable reaction from the outside world. This is because MPs speak to the people and the world, and should therefore speak carefully and thoughtfully.

There is no smoke without fire. Perhaps Umno MPs still think this is the 80s where they can talk rubbish and the spin doctors would make it all sound nice for outside consumption. Sorry, times have changed.

Anonymous 2460391489930458: "Based on my experience of past cases, I argued that flexibility and the discretion of the judges must be maintained to allow the courts to rule on cases of statutory rape involving consenting partners who are in a relationship and be treated differently from non-consensual rape - as opposed to an outright ban on underage marriages as proposed by the other MP," said Shabudin.

There you go again. Unless Malaysiakini altered the above statement, you are essentially saying (again) that the courts should be given the liberty to allow a "statutory rapist" (for want of a better term) to marry an underage girl especially if the sexual act is consensual.

I, for one, insist that regardless of the act being consensual or not, strict liability be applied to statutory rape on the premise that the underage girl is deemed not to have the mental capacity to understand the implications of the sex act, let alone marriage.

Would you allow parents to let their 10-year-old smoke grass with ‘mutual consent’?

Odin Tajué: Shabudin, based on your claim as implied in your statement issued through Bernama, we are led to believe that very many have misunderstood you.

You have, in fact, previously accused the media of having spun your statements. But, sir, the question of the media spinning your statements does not arise, at all.

This is because a few of your very own colleagues have voiced their disapproval, either directly or indirectly (implied), of your stance in the matter as suggested through your statements made in the House.

One of them said that you were only expressing your views. That means she has distanced herself, your party and your government from your utterances. The other said it was your rights as to whether to apologise for your remarks that have been found unacceptable by many.

If she held that you were right, she would have said so and that there was no need for you to offer an apology, as it would be unnecessary. Another has even expressed shock at what you have said.

Reminder: these are your very own colleagues from Umno.

Next point. One of the most significant signs of a great person is the possessing of humility. Because in humbling yourself, you are actually elevating your stature in the eyes of your public.

You would have been viewed as a great man had you apologised immediately after the hue and cry arose following the report of your utterances, and explained what you actually meant.

Had you offered that much earlier on, I am certain most, if not all, would have understood and forgiven you. Not everyone is an unreasonable, trouble-seeking yob. But, instead, you have accused the media of having spun your utterances, threatened to sue them, and told them to repent.

This has not endeared you to your public one little bit. You are seen as an arrogant person. Your attempt now to clarify your position has come too late, I’m afraid.

Anonymous #28648954: Thank you Malaysiakini for allowing Shabudin the right to reply and for publishing it. Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and TV3 would never extend the same courtesy to our opposition MPs.

Mahsuri: Stop talking consent when it involves a minor. A 16-year-old is still too immature, like all of us don't remember being a teen. Such irresponsible defences criminalise the victim and only encourage sexual predation of minors.

Tan Kim Keong: Whatever said is recorded in Parliament's Hansard. So, do not come up with another version of what was said.

Shabudin should just try to redeem his dignity or honour (if he has them to begin with) by apologising to all Malaysian women. Let them decide if they want to forgive him.

FellowMalaysian: Shabudin's inglorious statements has been reported the whole world over from news media in Hong Kong, Singapore to elsewhere in Europe.

He has brought shame and utter disgust to the country and its people and with lawmakers like him, Malaysia will never hope to become a progressive and well-respected country much to the chagrin of its people.

Shabudin has carefully left out in this latest statement his earlier espousal of the rapist marrying his victim and his opinion that this will help resolve one of the social ills of society.

Wira: Shabudin, did you not mention or imply that any girl who had reached puberty, even for a nine-year-old, is suitable for marriage?

Just because her physical body can have sex, which is your criteria for marriage, regardless of the statutory definition that anyone under 16 does not have the mental capacity to give consent to sex?

Watan: When a judge could interpret law according to his morality view, that is not a law to follow. How on earth can a nine-year-old girl who has started menstruating, be deemed mature spiritually and bodily?

Fortunately, this is a view of former judge and we could criticise it. If he is a sitting judge, then it would be contempt of court.

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