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Bloated PM’s Dept - and now there are 10

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YOURSAY | ‘Why appoint a 'minister with special functions' when there are no special functions to perform?’

Don't create rifts in Najib administration, Hisham warns

Hardboiled: It seems to me that with the current going-ons with terrorism at home and abroad, and with raised tensions between North Korea and Malaysia, it would not be a good idea to burden a defence minister with what looks to be more administrative work.

He should be focussed on defending the nation from threats, such as terrorism and border sovereignty.

To add even more fuel to the rumours, aren't there any capable ministers currently in the overblown PM's Department who can take this role?

So, it seems clear to me that the appointment is a political move. I can only speculate there is a power play at work here and it also smells of an election stratagem.

Najib could be putting this in place in expectation that the public at large would see this as the next PM-DPM combo.

It is a safe strategy and it would help BN in the coming elections. Should BN win big, Najib would choose the better performer as DPM and continue his reign.

Ipoh Pp: Why appoint a 'minister with special functions' when as I see it, there are no special functions to perform?

The only reason I can see is something is amiss with Najib’s deputy and he has brought his cousin in to neutralise him or to act as a stand-by.

Could it be finally the man has realised it’s time for him to vamoose?

Artong Penang: The current nine ministers in the PM’s Department must either be incompetent or redundant, otherwise why the need to appoint an existing cabinet minister to assist in the department.

The PM is clearly playing politics at the expense of taxpayers’ money. One more minister means more expenses for the country.

Ipohcrite: I don't mind Hishammuddin Hussein holding two ministerial positions, as long as he gets paid for only one position, but not if he gets double pay for holding two portfolios. Come on, if one person holds two ministerial positions, his productivity in either one suffers.

Special functions, huh? And this person who enjoys unquestionable trust by the PM? It looks like the trust deficit among the top Umno echelons is starting to show.

Bersatu 1 Malaysia: Why shouldn't people speculate (about the appointment of Hisham as special functions minister)? That is human nature, especially when something funny is going on.

Things are coming to a head; support for Najib and Umno is dropping; justice may catch up soon with Najib and the rest of his team; the economy is shaky; prices are up; the list can go on and on. Yes, we want change.

Nehru: I have worked in somewhat similar environment in corporations and there comes a special assistant in the form of an executive to undermine the deputy chief.

Subsequently, the deputy has no power as the unofficial special executive is more powerful than the deputy chief.

Kim Quek: Hisham is virtually saying that his status is on par with Zahid when he said “together with Zahid, we will spread the duties” to serve their boss, Najib.

In other words, we have two DPMs. Asked what his special function is, Hisham answered: "Whatever the prime minister needs will be discussed with him."

Hmm, sounds like DPM1 talking.

Hisham's appointment does not bode well for Zahid, claims PKR leader

No-Brainer: MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) is leaving the political scene very soon. He knows he can't hide anymore for the loop on his neck is getting tighter by the day.

He is preparing Hisham to take over. He doesn't trust his deputy for he is not very reliable and trustworthy. He may not defend, protect or save him when push comes to shove.

As at this moment, MO1 and his darling (wife) are having sleepless nights. Even if they do sleep, they will have nightmares. They know their times are coming up very soon.

Anonymous 2443871479002035: This is Najib's trump card. If BN does not do well in the elections, there will be calls from Umno for him to step down.

When he does, he wants to make sure that he gets a "free passage" - no indictment, no charges, no jail term for allegedly robbing 1MDB. He's free to go into exile until the heat is off and we have forgotten the entire episode.

Hisham, his cousin, will be the man who will ensure that when he takes over as PM. Najib doesn't trust Zahid whose only law is the law of the jungle.

Just a Malaysian: Najib, Zahid, Hisham ... what’s the difference?

Home Ministry sends show-cause letter to Nanyang

Anonymous#007: PAS is so bankrupt of moral objectives it has to resort to this. If PAS were genuinely concerned about 'insult of Islam' they would have called to shut down Utusan Malaysia for reporting fake news about a Catholic priest converting to Islam after a 17-month coma.

Utusan has also lost several defamatory cases, mostly against opposition leaders. Where is the show-cause letter by the Home Ministry to Utusan, and why has PAS not called for it to be shut down?

Clever Voter: With so many negative news, the authorities should have greater sense of humour. There is a noticeable increase in self-doubt and drop in self-confidence, which explained why drastic actions are taken.

NNFC: Although I do not agree with the cartoons, I think the action taken by Home Ministry is evidence that PAS and Umno are bed partners. It might as well declare that PAS is joining BN. I dare them to do this.

Gaji Buta: The girlfriend complained to her boyfriend that someone disturbed and teased her. Of course, the boyfriend has to go and whack that person.

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