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To win, Harapan needs a credible candidate for PM

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YOURSAY | ‘Wanting Anwar to be PM is one thing. But is it realistically possible with him in jail?’

PKR needs more than Anwar to convince post-reformasi generation

Appum: “Win, win, win” is the main criterion for Pakatan Harapan. Can you win just by organising an attempt to get all Harapan leaders on stage to hold up placards endorsing jailed PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim as the seventh prime minister?

It's a childish political stunt, a typical "syiok sendiri" display of false hope.

Like what Wong Chin Huat has said here, it is true that the main thrust of the appeal to the rakyat is to show what qualities Anwar represents, and what reforms former prime minister and Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Harapan will implement specifically if the people give them the vote.

What changes shall we expect to see once Harapan comes into power?

We need a united platform and serious reform promises to show that Harapan is a capable alternative to Umno-BN.

We need a serious and united Harapan platform that can gain the people’s faith and trust, to convince them that the leaders of Harapan can really bring the changes that the people want and desire.

Harapan needs a capable leader to convince the people to give them that win. Therefore, Harapan, there are two main actions you must take.

Firstly, you have to plan for a convincing win. You have to use all your talents and political skills to come out with that kind of plan.

Secondly, you have to reassure the people that after winning, you have the right leadership to bring about that change. Your promises must be sincere, realistic and close to what the people want, not what Harapan wants.

The perception of your ability to rule as promised is a great assurance to the people. In order for this to happen, Harapan cannot project an image of in-fighting and inter-party selfishness.

If Harapan cannot show an ability to settle differences internally, how are you to run a nation fraught with so many sensitive problems?

All For It: Wanting Anwar to be PM is one thing. But is it realistically possible with him in jail? Can someone be PM without being an elected candidate to Parliament?

Perhaps anything is possible with Malaysia. But I agree with what former law minister Zaid Ibrahim said about getting Mahathir to take up the PM role again.

The only person strong enough, notwithstanding the age factor, to go up against Najib is Mahathir. Action needs to be taken now, and we cannot wait for Anwar to be free.

Headhunter: If anyone asks me if Anwar is qualified to be the next PM, my answer is a definite "yes"!

But the situation right now is that Anwar is in jail and for all intents and purposes, designating him as the next PM is impractical.

To be PM, Anwar would first have to win a parliamentary seat. The process of freeing him from jail and getting him to win a parliamentary seat is not a done deal and will take quite some time to complete.

So, the best option is to get someone who is able to pull votes for the opposition to win the next election. As to who should be appointed, the choice can be narrowed down to only one person, Mahathir.

Like most of you, I am no fan of him but changing the government should be the first priority. Think carefully, all these will become irrelevant if the BN is returned to power again.

With all these shows of ego and infighting within the opposition ranks, Najib would win the next election if he called for it today.

No Nonsense: PKR is right to propose Anwar for the PM’s post. In fact, he is the proper and most qualified choice under the prevailing circumstances, but whether it materialises depends on the results of the elections.

Similarly, other parties too can propose their own candidates and leave the choice to the people. Whoever gains the most seats shall decide who should fill the PM’s post.

The idea of a ‘seat-warmer’ PM and reserving the post for Anwar or any other person will not go down well with the people.

Watch Out: PKR seems uninterested in listening to public opinion. It is clear, from all the conversations and polls that are going on, that Mahathir is the best candidate and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is a thousand miles from ever being the first female PM of this country.

Can Malaysians, who are actually going back in time, accept a woman as PM? In a Muslim country?

Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli was always right in most things he says, but his immediate rebuke of Zaid's comments was uncalled for. I am sure that DAP and Amanah had no choice but to raise placards for Anwar as PM, as they did not want to rock the boat.

Just a Malaysian: Every journey begins with a single step. After so many years of abuse by Umno, the damage can only be undone slowly. Detractors try to point to the futility of all effort as a reason not to even start doing anything.

I have deep respect for leaders in Amanah. Their principles in fighting for a clean government and the universal good values of Islam is unwavering. Amanah president Mat Sabu and team should be considered for the top position.

Mosquitobrain: Harapan can propose prospective candidates for the premiership. Let us be honest with ourselves, Harapan presently needs an experienced, vocal, visionary, pragmatic and influential leader to lead them into the 14th general election (GE14).

What is the rationale behind the naming Anwar as prime minister while he is serving a jail sentence and unable to be physically involved in GE14?

Do not turn it into an internal squabble. And do not let your guards down. Your enemies are watching.

Harapan should stay focus and plan how to face Umno-BN in GE14. Do not count your chickens before they hatch!

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