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Too many skeletons falling out of the SRC locker

YOURSAY | ‘No smoke without fire. No greed without money. No contract without consideration.’

Portal: Why pay prosecutor, when court decides on Anwar's case?

Anonymous #21828131: Pro-Umno portal has contradicted the allegation by whistleblower site Sarawak Report that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak paid prominent lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah RM9.5 million.

The allegation, which suggested that the money could have originated from former 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, led to the opposition claiming that it pointed to the existence of a political conspiracy against jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

In the first place, as is so glaringly evident in this case, why was there the need to select a specific public prosecutor? Ask the local cowherd who milks cows. Ask him which cow he would first milk when given the choice.

Simple answer - he would first milk the cow that is not too aggressive, is not a threat, friendly and can be tamed with a bucket of soya feed or several buckets of soya feed before she submits herself to be milked dry. Any similarities here?

Goldee: described the Sarawak Report allegation as “the worst of all its lies” regarding Najib and 1MDB.

“Why should Najib pay the prosecutor (to secure a conviction) when it is the judges who make the decision. Furthermore, it is the prosecutor's task to ensure the defendant is convicted,” it said.

As if does not know that Sarawak Report has proven time and again that money was transferred into MO1's (Malaysian Official 1’s) personal bank account, which MO1 denied but later confirmed he indeed had received the money (RM2.6 billion) but claimed it was not for his personal use.

Not Convinced: And as for the SRC money, Najib claimed he was not aware that the money was deposited into his bank account. Yet he is not required to return the millions of ringgit after having spent it, part of it allegedly used to pay lawyers.

NNFC: The whole government has lost all credibility. They should all resign, or be subject to a large scale royal commission of inquiry.

The royalty should take an interest in this to ensure the continued development and progress of this country, and to improve its image.

Anonymous 2413471460628504: If you were a judge, and the evidence shows that a man came out from a bank with a ski mask over his head and a bag of money over his shoulder shortly after the alarm went off, you would still say "show me proof that the man is a robber"?

It wouldn't occur to you that the man ought to be taken by the police for questioning, or that the man should proffer an explanation. If all our judges were so dense - thank God, they are not - hardly anyone would be languishing in our jails.

Davidfcwong: Why should Najib pay the prosecutor (to secure a conviction) when it is the judges who make the decision? Good question, please ask PM and get the answer from him.

Malaysia4All: Pro-Umno blogs continue to blindly believe their leaders to the extent of making excuses for them when their leaders cannot answer for themselves.

This is what ‘ketuanan’ has done to such people, that they can no longer think for themselves. Or, heaven forbid, they're unwittingly involved in the cover-up, too.

Johnsoon: The Inland Revenue Department just needs to look into how Shafee distributes, disburses and utilises the RM9.5 million (if he remains silent), through his income tax returns.

The rest of related stories will then fall into place. Perhaps that’s why Shafee is still silent. Too many skeletons falling out of the locker.

Anticonmen: No smoke without fire. No greed without money. No contract without consideration.

'We will see', says MACC on purported RM9.5m to lawyer

AJ: Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad was unable to state whether the alleged RM9.5 million payment to Shafee would be probed, saying, “We will see how is the situation later” when asked about the issue.

Your reply, Dzulkifli, is very clear. MO1 and his shenanigans are off-limits to you and are above your pay grade. You will use opaque sunnies to look at them and not see anything. Your token arrests are just that - “token”, to hoodwink the public while you let the whale swim around.

Former 1MDB subsidiary SRC’s misdeeds are growing long in the teeth, their files locked away, and one of these days a mysterious fire will consume them.

If you can't do a proper job, consider resigning and don't “cari makan”. That way, you will get some respect.

Pemerhati: The reality in Malaysia is that Najib has dictatorial powers. He appoints servile, immoral and unprincipled lackeys to the top positions in the enforcement agencies, the judiciary and most of the public service.

These top people and some of their equally despicable subordinates then ensure that they do whatever wrong and crooked things the dictator wants them to do.

A glaring and clear example of this is the attorney-general (who is a former judge), despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, said that Najib had done nothing wrong regarding the so-called ‘donation’ and the 1MDB matter.

But the reputable and reliable US Department of Justice’s investigations revealed that the ‘donation’ was money ‘stolen’ from 1MDB.

If people holding top and respectable jobs like that of judges can stoop so low as to lie blatantly to protect an alleged thief, then no one should be surprised if the police chief, MACC chief and others do the same thing.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: MACC, when a prosecutor is paid millions by an interested third party and not the government, that is corruption.

Do you need lessons on corruption? 

Fairplayer: MACC = Must Always Cover Chief.

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