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Both MO1, Shafee can’t dodge the press forever

YOURSAY | ‘MO1 is worried that if he said anything, it might backfire on him.’

Najib refuses to comment on Anwar's legal bid over 'RM9.5m' claim

Worldly Wise: It is hypocrisy of the highest order to say Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) will not talk about a legal case when subversion of the legal case could well have been brought about, together with subversion of the administration of justice, by MO1's alleged payment of an absurd RM9.5 million, purportedly as a "professional fee".

It seems that an innocent man may well have suffered as a result of this alleged deal.

Versey: Mr PM, the rakyat are not asking you to comment on the legal case but would like an answer to the question: "Did you pay lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who was the prosecutor of Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II case, RM9.5 million in two tranches?"

A very simple question that you only need to give an honest answer - a "yes" means "yes" and a "no" means "no".

If the answer is "yes", then let the rakyat know how much was paid for what service.

Alunan Ombak: Versey, this simple question for Najib to answer will ultimately tighten the noose around his neck. That's the reason he can't answer. It's indeed getting increasingly suffocating.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Why is Malaysiakini being barred from not only MO1’s press conferences, but most of Umno and BN events?

Simple. Its reporters would ask questions which you cannot answer truthfully. More importantly, you do not want Malaysiakini reporters to hear the lies and empty boast about your achievements.

Vijay47: Najib, you would be aware that as the prime minister, you will continuously be hounded and harassed by the media, including by that purveyor of one-sided news.

To make things better for journalists and help them understand the parameters of what they can ask you, perhaps you can come out with a list of the subjects that you refuse to comment on.

This would be extremely useful to members of the press, even if your list were to resemble one of those telephone directories we used to have.

Goldee: MO1 is worried that if he says anything, it might backfire on him. By not saying anything, it proved Sarawak Report is correct about the RM9.5 million payment to Shafee.

Otherwise, he would have said it’s all lies. Now he can't blame the public for having the perception that the payment was indeed made out.

Shafee: I'll issue a statement, but not today

Simple Malaysian: The deafening silence of all accused parties certainly speaks volumes. If this transaction did not occur, we would have heard loud protests and denials.

But instead, the silence means a script is being prepared. Let’s await for another fable!

Versey: Is it so difficult for Shafee to tell the journalists whether he had received RM9.5 million in two tranches from the prime minister that he needs to wait for another day to issue a statement?

Just give an honest answer, "No, I didn't" or "Yes, I did” (and for what legal service).

Even children could give the answer straight on the spot for what they have done, unless they want to cover some mischiefs that they need time to cook up some stories, right?

Aries46: Yes, a plain ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will do. If there is nothing to hide, why dodge the press and why the need to buy time?

What goes around comes around for Shafee. It is payback time. He stands accused not only of conspiracy but the sin of condemning Anwar in the most disgustful terms, for no other reason than to provoke hatred towards his victim.

Anonymous 2447961480069542: If it was legitimate payment, just say what's that for.

And how did the payer get hold of so much money, since he said he did not know that such money was put into his bank account, and yet spent it. That itself is a crime.

And how about that hopeless guy who was waving the document and said no crime had been committed. All these smell of conspiracy and stink to high heaven.

These are the people who are supposed to be upholding the rule of law. It looks like the rule of their pockets!

Gobind: Absurd if task force has no documents on PM-linked transactions

Vijay47: That inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar's hospitable invitation to Sarawak Report editor Claire Rewcastle-Brown to visit Malaysia to furnish documents that would cook the 1MDB goose and its eggs is intended to serve two purposes.

First, that Khalid, despite being a member of the hotshot team set up to unravel the 1MDB shenanigans, did not possess such incriminating evidence that Rewcastle-Brown seems to have and secondly, that if only he had the smoking gun in hand, he would have sprung into action against the host of crooks, whoever they are.

Both suggestions are highly improbable and worse, they give credence to the allegations that Khalid is an absolute disgrace to the fancy uniform he wears.

His refusal to carry out the functions and responsibilities placed on him by His Majesty can be construed to be gross insubordination that borders on treason.

This dereliction cannot be allowed to continue, especially since Khalid already boasts a track record of not executing the court's order to arrest that child-kidnapper.

Fair&Just: Is it close one eye and shut the other?

Bad Head: At the end of the day, it proved that our IGP is not smart at all. This statement of his could be his biggest mistake.

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