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One small step for Malaysia’s long interfaith walk

YOURSAY | 'Penang's 'Journey of Harmony' shows there is still hope for Malaysia.'

Penang interfaith walk, buka puasa aims to defy bigotry, racism

Kim Quek: The beautiful relationships demonstrated in this interfaith solidarity walk touches the hearts of everyone who yearns for peaceful and harmonious living in a multiracial and multi-religious society like ours.

How wonderful it would be if only such admirable mutual respect and mutual understanding as shown in this historic walk truly represents the prevailing realities of the country. We all know it does not.

Our problematic ethnic relations is worsening, thanks to a ruling power that is obsessed with amassing power and wealth at the expense of morality and good values.

But this heart-warming interfaith walk in Penang jolted us to the realisation that such desirable harmony needs not exist in dreams. It is truly attainable, if only we, the people, would make the extra effort to make it come true.

And the prerequisite to that is, of course, a change of regime, which has been the root cause of our current trouble.

I hope this exemplary event in Penang was captured on video. If so, it must be widely disseminated through the media, particularly the social media, to pass on the good tidings of harmony and to set this as our common target.

Dont Just Talk: A job well carried out on the interfaith buka puasa event mooted by Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof Rawa. Religion is all about love, and anyone who deviates from it is better off changing his/her religion.

Anonymous 2350931441161169: Congratulations for the great effort. The organisers of this 'Journey of Harmony' must be commended. It shows there is still hope for Malaysia.

Ng Jooi Eing: Yes, congratulation to the organisers for making this happen. It is like the saying, "a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind" - we should not be looking at things using racist lenses.

Humanity cuts across race, religion, colour, geographical boundaries and gender. Let's take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to our Muslims brothers and sisters.

Ace: It is a very good initiative. However, it is unfortunate that it was not publicised before the event. If it was, I'm sure that the participation would be many, many times more - a few hundred at least.

We must show that the numbers of those who are tolerant and who want to live with mutual understanding and in harmony way exceeds the bigots and troublemakers.

The Fog of Life: It's outstanding to see this respect and tolerance for diversity. This is how we should think and behave every day.

Top marks to the organisers. I was in Penang for a few days, and had I known about the walk, I would have joined.

Azhar Subang: Bravo. This is what it takes to douse the evil that is being perpetrated in the name of religion. We have to counter the misunderstanding and falsehoods that are being promoted purely based on perverted thinking and political agendas.

Those who are opposed to such efforts, aimed at uniting us, need to examine their faith, if they have any, and question whether they understand the universal truth; we are but one.

I pray that such groups will be able to stand their ground based on true conviction. It is my fervent hope that such moves are sustained, and in fact continued nationwide. This is a good way to say no to corrupt and parochial thinking that is anathema to our beloved nation.

The Analyser: The hypocrisy of Malaysia's religions is sickening beyond belief. What makes it more sickening is that underlying everything is the stink of politics, and with that goes that of race.

Religion is made the great divider, which basically serves to maintain the divisions because in division lies their strength... and wealth.

Anonymous_1388029052: Mujahid, all Malaysians are proud of you for always taking initiatives to promote racial and religious harmony amongst the different races.

Our country would be a real paradise if there are more people like you around.

Negarawan: Such interfaith initiatives are much needed to counter the forces of religious extremism and disharmony.

Please expand this interfaith effort to schools. Interfaith groups comprising leaders and representatives from each religion should conduct talks and activities in primary and secondary schools, to promote interfaith understanding and harmony from an early age.

Telestai!: Great stuff. Malaysians must do these sorts of things as much as possible to defeat and frustrate politicians who thrive on division. We need to love our fellow Malaysians regardless of race, religion or creed.

Only this can save Malaysia.

Siti Kasim charged for obstruction over Jawi transgender raid

Victor Johan: Deputy public prosecutor (DPP) Siti Hajar Mohd Ashif told the court that lawyer Siti Kasim had intentionally obstructed the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) officials from conducting the raid at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The raid by these officers took place two and half hours after the event started. Shouldn't Siti Hajar declare what the raid was about?

Weren't the Jawi officers being a group of intruders at this smoothly run event, with intentions to disrupt it?

Vgeorgemy: Today is a very sad day for the least privileged and marginalised community, seeing their defender Siti Kasim has to defend herself in a court of law for defending them.

In the end, truth and calm will prevail over hate and terror. We wish Siti a very happy, peaceful and blessed Eid. May God accept her good deeds and ease the suffering of all peoples around us.

Allforit: Is there a difference between obstruction of justice and protecting/assisting the weak from bullies? These guys are there in numbers. They could easily have just brushed Siti Kasim aside.

So what was their problem? Was it ego as they had to go up against a woman? Shame on them.

ABU: This action by the authorities is a waste of taxpayers' money. What good does it achieve?

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