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Why would Switzerland, S’pore, Luxembourg want to overthrow our gov’t?

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YOURSAY | ‘They don't have an agenda except to ensure those breaking their laws are punished.’

Jasa chief uses Hadi's argument to slam Tuan Ibrahim

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Jasa chief Puad Zarkashi, can you tell us why do the US, Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, etc, want to gang up and interfere in our internal affairs.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is an important institution in the US and they act independent of the political leadership unlike some of the government institutions in Malaysia, which had been crippled by Malaysian Official 1 (MO1).

Therefore, they don't have any other agenda except to ensure those breaking their laws are punished. Unlike in Malaysia, they do not take instruction from their president or prime minister to act or not to act.

Our attorney-general believes in the RM2.6 billion Arab donation, so it tells us a lot about him. Jasa is being funded by the rakyat's taxes so it is a travesty of justice that people like you, a rejected politician, would spin stories to shield your political master.

Enggang: I thought Puad is much smarter than PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang but I was proven wrong. He's worse than Hadi since I can forgive Hadi for his ignorance on financial matters, but not an Umno politician.

Umno leaders are forever in denial syndrome over the 1MDB fiasco; to them no money was laundered from the 1MDB. So, what we have been reading about banks being closed overseas and certain bankers being jailed are all fake news, according to Umno "dedak takers".

Wake up, people, before this country goes to the dogs!

Discovery: What I really admire about Umno is the party is able to still retain people who are dedicated to the cause of MO1.

This is regardless that their actions speak volumes of their total lack of integrity, betrayal of the very people who voted for them and most damaging, the total disregard for the teachings of Islam, which is to do what is righteous.

Anonymous 1230461438193244: There is a very simple solution to all this imbroglio - if there were no wrongdoings, then all Umno and PAS politicians should challenge the DOJ forfeiture.

GE14 Voter: Will PAS defend its deputy Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man or side with this Jasa nobody?

Stumbling block to debunking kleptocracy

Just a Malaysian: Smart people becomes very rich through abusing public funds. The masses suffer high cost of living as subsidies are reduced.

Smart people play up racial and religious sentiments. The masses believe that smart people are defending race and religion.

Smart people keep on draining the coffers and become richer and richer. The country spirals into the abyss and will soon implode economically and socially.

Smart people’s money is parked overseas while the masses suffer with poor education, poor jobs and a weak bankrupt economy.

From a rich middle-class country, the so-called fight for racial and religious supremacy results in failure of both. This is how a failed state evolves from believing in supremacy of one race and one religion over the others.

Proarte: Islam has always been a useful tool by criminals and corrupt politicians to justify their immorality.

Look at Hadi, the nation's foremost Islamic scholar, standing beside a kleptocrat and giving political support to his party. What positive role can Islam have when Islamic religious leaders who have the support of the Muslim masses support kleptocrats and corrupt political parties?

It would appear Muslims generally do not have an independent mind and blindly follow religious leaders even though their activities are clearly immoral.

Shunyata: Who would have thought "sheep" could tango with wolves? Then again, cubs are producing Hollywood movies, so nothing is that bewildering anymore.

Dr M: Only an idiot will believe I can influence the DOJ

Aries46: 'Only an idiot will believe'? Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is mistaken. If these people who defend MO1 can believe that the RM2.6 billion is an Arab 'donation', why would they not believe that Mahathir influenced the DOJ action?

After all, they also believe that 1MDB operations are above board contrary to the findings in various international investigations and the exoneration of MO1 from any wrongdoing by the attorney-general (AG).

This is also why while the DOJ is doing its level best to track down and recover the laundered assets of almost US$1.7 billion belonging to 1MDB to return to its country of origin Malaysia, the latter where the crime allegedly took place denies any such knowledge and maintains that all its funds are accounted for and intact.

Clever Voter: There are idiots everywhere. There are those with fixation on hatred and refusal to acknowledge others. There are others who want to protect their own rice bowl.

The majority are part of the feeding chain who will say or even do anything to justify one's ends. We live in a system where the majority want an easy way out - that is, to be an idiot to protect the establishment at all costs.

PCG: Yes, unfortunately, there are many idiots who believe that Malaysian opposition parties run the US DOJ.

It is these idiots who are the majority, and will vote for BN and most of them live in the kampungs.

Spinnot: But even an idiot can influence the DOJ if he or she is in possession of documentary evidence.

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