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COMMENT | When "Jho Low", a petulant Chinese boy disowned by the whole of Chinese community in Malaysia, is allegedly hidden from open sight, something is wrong. The boy is a clear baggage. A walking neon light of corruption and malfeasance.

When Gani Patail,  Zeti Akhtar Aziz, and even Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission head Abu Kassim Mohamed were relieved of their investigative responsibilities in 2015, another inconsistency surfaced. None of them has been allowed to speak.

From “Nothing to Hide”, all of a sudden the script of the Barisan Nasional has morphed into “Let's Hide Everything”. Even the final findings of the Auditor-General’s Report were immediately classified. Why? Vested interest has obviously been the main reason.

Indeed, when MO1, widely acknowledged by his own minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan, as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in a BBC interview, such acknowledgement, it goes without saying, suggests the start of a possible mutiny in Umno. Enough is enough, the party has fingered him out. Still, nothing happened.

To date, only four persons have taken turns to defending Najib, and that too, sporadically. Salleh Said Keruak from Sabah, who is a spent force. Ahmad Zahid Hamid, who has barely made a squeak on 1MDB. Nazri Abdul Aziz, who knows his days in Umno are numbered, having once called Dr Mahathir Mohamad a racist. And, Mohammad Puad Zakarshi, who is a non-entity trying to be relevant by challenging Mahathir to debate.

When four, out of a total 50 members in the Umno Supreme Council are defending the president of the party, with the wife of MO1 completely silent on the luxury items bought with the money siphoned from 1MDB, one knows that Umno has turned against MO1 and the wife.

To be sure, if they haven't turned completely, they are still under the delusion that with 86 seats in Parliament from Umno, the party will still be a major force. It was. But it isn't now...

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