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Harapan Youth pledges one million new jobs after taking over Putrajaya

As part of its 14th general elections manifesto, Pakatan Harapan Youth today pledged to offer one million jobs within the first five years of the opposition taking over Putrajaya - starting with a systematic reduction of the current dependency on cheap foreign labour.

Parti Amanah Negara deputy youth chief Faiz Fadzil said their offer was made based on an existing pool of some 400,000 jobless graduates and in the backdrop of ongoing retrenchments which has affected thousands of workers.

"We are looking at jobs in two sectors, skilled and semi-skilled.

"The skilled jobs would allow more graduates to take up employment, while the hard labour jobs can be offered through a reduction of dependency on migrant workers," he told a joint press conference with other Harapan Youth leaders at Amanah's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur...

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