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1MDB questions rejected, Parliament has everything to hide?

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YOURSAY | ‘Sub judice? Which court cases are they referring to?’

Parliament rejects more than 30 1MDB-related questions

FlabberPro: The rakyat would like an honest answer on the status of the authorities' investigation into the 1MDB scandal.

The MPs served as our representatives in the august House and Parliament is obliged to give an update on the scandal that has affected our country deeply.

The august House must show that it is a bipartisan authority and that they are doing whatever they can to resolve the issue.

Rejecting questions on 1MDB only goes to show the Parliament is not doing what it should be doing.

Victor Johan: PM Najib Razak, his deputy Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Special Functions Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and all Umno-BN parliamentarians are asking the rakyat to have faith in them and plead to the rakyat to elect them again in the coming GE14.

Why the need to continue having them as elected people's representatives in the Parliament but these men and women fail to rise to the occasion and answer those issues (of alleged malpractices) exposed by foreign investigations, and these issues raised by their fellow parliamentarians from the opposition bench?

Obviously, it's then necessary to vote Pakatan Harapan into power so that these allegations are investigated and justice is served.

FairMind: This is a clear case of a cover-up of all 1MDB and Scorpene-related scandals. It is more fruitful for the opposition MPs to spend their time shaming the House speaker and highlight to the world about this sham Parliament.

Where in the world is the parliament off limits to discuss and seek explanations/details on matters of national interest?

Foxx News: Sub judice? Which court cases are they referring to? I thought there were no 1MDB court proceedings in Malaysia?

Azalina: Allegation of gov't cover-up of 1MDB 'utterly baseless'

FlabberPro: Minister in the PM’s Department Azalina Othman Said, use facts, figures, statistics, evidence to prove that these allegations are baseless.

Making statements is easy. Refute allegations with solid facts and prove to the world that they were wrong about 1MDB and Umno-BN.

If you are not able to do so, your defence too is baseless and holds no water.

Ipohcrite: By now, the trust and credibility deficit of Azalina is so huge that the exact opposite of what she says is probably nearer to the truth.

Oscar Kilo: Azalina, if there is no cover-up, then why are you afraid to answer the questions? At the very least, just answer with a simple "yes" or "no".

Otak-Otak: We the rakyat have even more questions than the opposition to ask pertaining to the 1MDB scandal. All these questions were long overdue and still not answered.

We expect and insist our elected representatives from all parties answer our queries relating to the 1MDB scandal without fear and favour, no less.

After all, they are all on our payroll. We shouldn't even be asking, it is their duty, unless they are also involved and benefited from this alleged world's biggest corruption scandal.

Sama2 Rojak: Let's make some sense here. You are probing a 31-year-old forex issue with a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) and you are saying that the recent 1MDB is an old issue?

No, it will haunt your government forever. It can never be buried until the truth is unearthed.

Why vote for the opposition?

David Dass: Would our democracy make sense if change is not possible? Of course, democracy also gives one the option of maintaining the status quo. In the end, it is a matter of choosing the party and/or the candidates one has the most confidence in.

MPs must experience the risk of defeat. This would keep them on their toes, and ensure their diligence and their integrity. The electorate must also know that they have the ability to effect peaceful change of government.

In a multiracial society such as ours with Malays and Muslims being in the majority, it is crucial that there is meaningful racial and religious representation in every facet of government.

And all the constitutional safeguards for freedom and equal treatment of all Malaysians must be strictly adhered to. That will ensure the commitment of all Malaysians to the advancement of the nation.

Aries46: For traditional opposition supporters, it has always been about the ideal Malaysian society - equality, justice, freedom and struggle to keep the corrupt and extremists at bay.

As the demography grows more acute and the reality of the ensuing race-based political struggle becomes more personalised, the hopes for the ideal Malaysian society seem to have taken a back seat.

What is left for justice seekers is hope - for that elusive two-party system.

Anonymous 2460541488536656: We have to take it a step at a time, especially when it comes to religious and racial politics which I consider the most divisive issue in the country. ‘A little better’ is necessary step for this journey of a thousand steps

Further, how can anyone accept a debacle like 1MDB? Are we so numb to scandals that we still want to support a government headed by an allegedly corrupt leader?

That's why I give my vote to Harapan - they have managed to govern Penang and Selangor better than BN and that's the reason why we need a two-party system, otherwise we wouldn't have known.

If the opposition can govern the two of the most progressive states in Malaysia, I have confidence that they can govern the country.

Hot Khong: The author hit the nail on its head when he said that a good reason to vote for Harapan is to get the politicians to realise that governments can be changed by the people in a democracy.

Existential Turd: There is no longer an opposition in Malaysia. There is only BN1 and BN2. So, commander S Thayaparan, your question is moot.

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