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In attacking Dr M’s lineage, Zahid forgot his own roots

YOURSAY | ‘Zahid's insult has made him the bugbear among ethnic Indians.’

Aide: DPM wanted to show Dr M's action not reflective of a true Malay

Aries46: According to Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's press aide Ibrahim Yahya, the DPM was not surprised with former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's attitude because he is of Indian origin and not a true Malay.

I don't understand Ibrahim's point in his defence of his boss. What does he mean by “true Malay”?

As we see the Malays around us, the civil servants, those in our neighbourhood, the politicians and so on, many of them have some resemblance to Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and so on.

Even the constitution defines a Malay in rather broad terms. Is Ibrahim saying that these are not true Malays and are therefore capable to betray Umno? There are many ex-Umno Malays in the opposition that are also against Umno. So, are they also not true Malays?

There is some confusion here and it is best clarified by the Indians and the Indian Muslims as Zahid’s attack seems to question their loyalty and integrity as Malaysians.

Hang Babeuf: Zahid's press aide has expressed disappointment that his boss' statement regarding Mahathir's roots has been sensationalised.

“However, he (Zahid) is not surprised with Mahathir's attitude because the former premier of 22 years is not a Malay by origin but his family is from Kerala, India. That's all,” he added in a statement to Sinar Harian.

Well, that is pretty sensational in itself, no?

The DPM simply wanted to assert [he says] that, unlike Malays, Indians are inherently unreliable and dishonest. If that is the “good” message that the DPM was trying to get across, we can only shake our heads. And cry. In shame.

Mushiro: It is typical of Umno cowards to claim they have been misquoted or in this case, Zahid's aide is claiming the news has been sensationalised.

But clearly, it was Zahid's intention to sensationalise Mahathir's Indian origin and shame Mahathir for good and put Malay votes out of his reach.

FellowMalaysian: I would like to ask Ibrahim: Who is sensationalising and making Mahathir's personal data a public knowledge if not for the despicable actions of his boss, Zahid?

Zahid should and must be held accountable for divulging Mahathir's identity with vile intent and purpose of disparaging, insulting and damaging Mahathir's reputation as the country's longest serving PM.

Zahid's ultimate insult has just made him the bugbear among the ethnic Indians and they include members from MIC.

As the press secretary, may I suggest to Ibrahim to focus his attention on damage control and remedial actions that the DPM and Umno should take rather than trying to defend his boss by ballyhooing the issue.

Politician: Why is the aide talking on behalf of his boss? Where is the boss? Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) chickens out of a debate with this so-called "expired old man" with Indian origin.

The deputy now refuses to say anything about the venom he vomited. Well, Mr DPM, you too are not Malay but of Indonesian origin and we, the people of Malaysia, find your attacks on Mahathir very childish.

Zahid should feel ashamed of himself for making such remarks. If we compare the No 2 of Singapore (Tharman Shanmugaratnam) and Zahid, our DPM is not even worth 10 percent of Tharman. They are both worlds apart.

Tharman speaks eloquently and with so much substance. The lecture he gave to the Indian cabinet on the Indian economy for almost an hour and half-mesmerized even Indian PM Narendra Modi. If Zahid were to speak, the topic would have finished in 10 minutes.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Ibrahim, the way Mahathir reacted to Zahid's insult on his (Mahathir) parent's Indian parentage is indeed a Malay trait.

You can punch a Malay or spit on him and he can take it, but the moment his parents are insulted, he would retaliate with all his might.

On the other hand, Zahid is not being a true Malay by throwing insults on Mahathir's parentage. Shame on Zahid, who showed no respect for Mahathir's roots.

TC Chan: Malay is a legal definition, not an ethnicity. The Constitution defines who a Malay is. So, a Bugis (our almost spineless warrior), a Javanese (the silly DPM) and others of different ethnic groups have all become Malays. Even Turks and Arabs have become Malays.

So Ibrahim, who is a true Malay? Are you one?

Anonymous 2413471460628504: I do not think the aide's explanation helped at all. Rather, it serves to emphasise that the DPM used race to support his arguments, and isn't that being racist?

Headhunter: Little boys should not play with fire. Whichever way one looks at it, Mahathir is having the upper hand at the moment. The more they attack and disparage him, the more they hurt themselves.

The avalanche has started. Umno should brace themselves for an exodus of members heading for the opposition in the run-up to the general election.

Dr M has miscalculated my loyalty to Najib, says Zahid

Vijay47: Zahid, leaving aside the matter of who said what and whether Mahathir had asked you to revolt or the reverse, I have a very simple question: Did you inform Prime Minister Najib Razak that you had gone traipsing to see his ex-boss?

Fair Play: No doubt about it. Zahid is now fighting for his political survival within Umno. His declaration is not worth the paper it is written on.

CQ Muar: Of course, Zahid will now resort to anything, making all sorts of denials, to regain and restore Najib's trust and confidence after his alleged attempt to remove the PM. This is to reinstate his boss' trust.

However, Najib must now be extra cautious about the person next to him (his deputy). Remember, never to trust the one standing next to you, Najib, lest you'd cry out: "Et tu Brute?” (Even you, Brutus?).

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