Ibrahim Ali urges Kelantanese to reject candidates with 'wives'

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Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has advised voters in his home state of Kelantan to pay attention to the marital status of candidates contesting in the next general election.

According to him, voters should not be swayed by just parties or symbols.

Therefore, the former Pasir Mas MP urged them not to cast their ballots for candidates who are polygamous.

Ibrahim claimed that representatives with more than one wife would not be as devoted to the constituents if compared to those with a single spouse.

He said this was because polygamous candidates were more focused on dealing with their personal issues.

When such candidates are elected, Ibrahim said, the people would find themselves in a conundrum when faced with problems that require solving.

"To me, the personal aspect of a candidate must be taken into serious consideration during elections. Don't only look at parties or symbols.

"If you want to choose a leader, let it be one who is concerned and willing to sacrifice his time for the people," he was quoted as saying by Utusan Online.

Ibrahim was speaking to reporters after attending a function in Pasir Mas, where he contributed rice to the needy.

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