Mr IGP, cops need no invitation from public to keep peace


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YOURSAY | ‘Isn’t Dr M entitled to his own personal security detail as well?’

Cops didn't receive invite to Nothing to Hide 2, says police chief

Gerard Lourdesamy: The police were not invited to provide security within the Nothing to Hide 2 forum venue, inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar said.

The police do not need an invitation from the organisers under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 in order to exercise their general powers under the Police Act 1967, the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code.

It is standard operating procedure for the police and Special Branch to be stationed inside the venue for security purposes and intelligence gathering.

So, it is wrong to blame the organisers entirely. The police must also accept equal responsibility for this serious breach of security.

As a former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad is entitled to his own personal security detail to be provided by the police or the Special Actions Unit. Has this been withdrawn?

Versey: Does the IGP mean the opposition parties had always “invited” the police to all their ceramah events?

Maybe the opposition parties could verify this or give examples of times when the police were not "invited" but they were present nevertheless?

I would have thought that despite Mahathir’s retirement from his official government position, there would be police to safeguard his safety.

Does the IGP mean if there is any mayhem or terrorist attack in any of the shopping malls, forums, concerts or shops, so long as the police had not been officially "invited", even if they were nearby the place, they will just look after the security outside the venue?

Again, out of curiosity, I would like to know if this means that anyone organising private events in Malaysia must give official invitations to the PDRM?

Else if any intruders or attendees start to create trouble, the police would not take the initiative to carry out their professional responsibilities to ensure public security even if they were near the venue.

Kingfisher: The acts of indiscipline and wrongdoing in the Nothing to Hide 2 venue by a few could have been speedily stopped and the forum continued if the police personnel had been inside and acted promptly and properly.

Their absence inside is perhaps very unfortunate but leaves one wondering if there is an increasing sense of isolation from the police as well as a trust deficit trust towards them.

Isolation and a trust deficit in the context of law and order are not going to serve the overall interests of the general public, the Royal Malaysian Police and the nation in the long run.

Security of person, property and respect for basic freedoms and an independent and morally upright judiciary is fundamental to "state viability".

IGP warns atheists not to cause unease among Muslims

Kingfisher: Police chief Khalid has warned atheists against causing "unease" among Malaysians, particularly Muslims.

He said the police will look into laws which allowed them to act appropriately against those who cause unease among Muslims.

The IGP is reasonable as his instruction is to arrest religious intolerance or agitation. But one would like to be emphatically assured that this covers protection for all religions, including the official religion.

An atheist has his right to his freedom unless proscribed by law but he has no liberty surely to encroach on the faiths of others.

What is worrying in our beloved country is not the potential or perceived threat from atheism and atheists to peace-loving adherents of various religious faiths here, but the possible rise of religious bigotry.

Kangkung: Khalid, since when have atheists in this country caused "unease among Muslims"? It appears that anything and everything will cause “unease” among the Islamists in Umno and PAS.

And do not speak for "other Malaysians" as you do not represent them.

Newday: Just a reminder to the IGP - atheism is not a religion, so why do you keep on telling us that Islam is the official religion as if there is a comparison between the two?

From the comments below, it appears you do not know the difference between federation and country.

Anonymous 459: "He said the Islam is the official religion of the country." Mr IGP, this quote of yours is incorrect. Please do not sully the Constitution.

The Constitution says that "Islam is the religion of the federation”. Please get this into your and the Royal Malaysian Police’s thinking.

Vijay47: "Unease among Muslims"? How does a person's religious belief or absence of it affect others of a different spiritual persuasion?

Khalid, you again seem to be singing that tiresome refrain of "confuse the Muslims and weaken their faith". Perhaps you could also have a quick look at the Constitution - Islam is not the official religion of the country.

David Dass: Freedom of worship is a guaranteed right under the Constitution. Freedom of worship must encompass within its scope the right not to believe in a God.

Now, this may pose a problem for the Islamic establishment, but it would not be a problem for the non-Muslims in the country.

They may not have the ability to compel their children to believe as they believe. The IGP is simply cautioning atheists to not to spread their creed among Muslims.

Quigonbond: Any number of things could, in Khalid’s words, “cause unease to Muslims”. Clearly, a line must be drawn to turn something that is just uneasy to something that is illegal. Atheists don't even proselytise!

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