Veteran Tamil writer left with bloodied jaw over 'pro-opposition' articles
Published:  Aug 22, 2017 10:35 AM
Updated: 10:36 AM

A political writer with Tamil newspaper Tamil Malar was allegedly assaulted by several men for penning articles in support of the opposition.

News portal Berita Daily reported that K Muthukrishnan, 69, was beaten up about 10.30am in Buntong, Perak, yesterday.

Tamil Malar's managing editor SM Periasamy told the portal that three unknown individuals had approached the victim as he was having breakfast.

The men started to scold him using vulgar words, warning him to stop writing articles supporting the opposition.

"They also warned the victim not to criticise BN leaders, especially from MIC, on social media.

"When Muthukrishnan asked the men to behave, one of the suspects punched his face. The men then started attacking him, causing injuries to his face and body," he said.

Periasamy expressed concern over the attack on a media personnel.

“If the men were unhappy with our paper's report, they could have sought an explanation from us, and we would have made their voices heard as well. Instead, don't act like thugs," he said.

It is learned that Muthukrishnan lodged a police report on the incident, and received 16 stitches for his wounds at the Ipoh Hospital, where he is currently undergoing treatment.

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