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Perhaps a new category – Chinese nationals as honorary bumis?

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YOURSAY | ‘Die-hard nationalists will scream but it's too late. Proton has been sold.’

New Proton CEO from China?

Anonymous #07988903: It is mind boggling that an appointment of a chief executive officer (CEO), especially in a government-linked company (GLC), could cause so much rift and tension in this land.

The fundamental truth that drives any business entity is to use the best person to do the job, regardless of his or her ethnicity, race or religion. His or her job is to propel the business to the highest profitability, exploiting every resource in his or her hand to milk it bone-dry.

And when the company prospers, the government will receive revenue in terms of taxes, employees will receive good income and a secured future. But when an inefficient CEO is employed, the reverse will happen.

We see these glaring examples in Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Proton. And there are people in Malaysia just too blind to see this truth.

6th Generation Immigrant: The question left begging to be asked - if a Chinese from China ( Li Chunrong) is now supposed to head Proton, what was so wrong with the many Chinese Malaysians who were (at one time or another) suggested to head Proton since the time of Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM?

Apparently, all the Chinese Malaysians suggested had never even made it past informal discussions of the three PMs’ (Mahathir, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak) personal views of "Chinese Malaysians may and can adulterate Malay economic prowess" if given the opportunity.

MCA and Gerakan must now be brimming with pride that a "Chinese", one even without much experience, may now eventually helm Proton. Their whisperings of sweet nothings all these years have come to fruition.

And better still, the Malaysian supremacists are not embarrassed at all for Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa have little to say about this.

Anonymous 2362021442199789: It is karma when no non-bumiputera is ever good enough to run Proton but now we are potentially going to get a PRC Chinese to be the CEO.

The writing is on the wall. The trickle will soon become a flood now that the ethnic barrier has been breached. They will not only be the CEOs but also the majority shareholders too. Karma bites back.

Not Convinced: Soon, they will have to create a new category of Malaysians - honorary bumis for deep-pocket Chinese nationals.

After all, during World War Two, Nazi Germany considered its Japanese ally as “honorary Aryan”.

Clever Voter: While work cultures remain a challenge, it is expected that changes at the top of Proton will also take place. The rest of production line will be automated whenever possible.

Die-hard nationalists will scream, but it's too late. The company has been sold. Such change is just the beginning.

Joe Lee: For Geely to pump money into Volvo and working smartly with the Swedes is one thing, but getting our boys and girls to work smarter and harder is something else.

Geely will get some value from Lotus but it will be wasting its time on Proton. No CEO can make changes to a culture that is based on some imagined privilege.

Wira: I've run factories which employ thousands of workers. There are good, average and bad workers within every ethnic group. Consistency in management and fairness to every worker are the basis of productivity.

On that basis, there is no difference in productivity based on ethnicity. Of course, if performance and promotion opportunities are measured by the colour of one's skin, then you will not expect equal outputs across ethnicities. This is true with both public and private enterprises.

Malay workers are as good as workers of any ethnicity. I can vouch for this from my personal experience. It's lousy management that is killing the productivity and morale of a company, never a poor workforce.

Shunyata: I agree with you, Wira. I know of many Malay Malaysians, from small operators and business owners to engineers, designers and even members of uniformed bodies, who are passionate about what they do and are diligent and productive.

It is never fair to cast labels on particular races, but I believe it's going to take decades to overcome this type of mindset.

Dojusa: The Umno supremacists would be up in arms if the new Proton CEO was a Chinese Malaysian, but they have no qualms with having a mainland Chinese Communist Party cadre as CEO.

This is the beginning of a new form of colonisation which the Umno supremacists will deny, of course.

Washington Post publishes scathing op-ed ahead of Najib's visit

Kangkung: Ahead of Najib's visit to the US next week, the Washington Post has published a scathing opinion editorial (op-ed) by columnist Josh Rogin, listing the similarities and differences between Najib and US President Donald Trump.

Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) can only control the headlines in Umnoland. Elsewhere, the headlines will tell the real story: "Trump’s hosting of Malaysia’s prime minister marks another setback for the rule of law".

Birds of the same feather flock together. I quote from Rogin’s article: "Both have fired top law enforcement officials in their own governments to try to influence those investigations.

“Both play politically toward their rural, ethnically homogeneous base and use nationalist rhetoric to stir up anger against their more urban, ethnic opposition.

“Both men won their last election despite losing the popular vote. Both love golf, and they even played together once.”

HaveAGreatDay: Thank you, Washington Post for giving MO1 such publicity. Yes, even if Trump is a moron, you folks of the free media have shown time and again, why we of the oppressed nations look up to you all.

No, I know not all are great but at least, in this case, Washington Post has shown the way.

6th Generation Immigrant: In actual fact, these two men are running out of truths and ideas about what to do next.

This then reminds us of the six blind men, each feeling a part and then describing the elephant. It is said that in Jainism, truth can be stated in seven different ways. These two guys must already be at the double figures stage.

The American press shall have a field day with these two leaders in one location. Let’s see the press asking Najib questions, while Trump softens his answers.

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