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Khalid as Prasarana chief is like a fish out of water

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YOURSAY | ‘I pity Khalid, who actually wanted to enrol himself in culinary classes.’

Of all people, why Khalid as Prasarana chief?

Slumdog: Dear Malaysiakini contributor P Gunasegaram, based on the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance, former inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar is totally incapable and unfit to be chairperson of Prasarana Malaysia Bhd. He will be like a fish out of water.

So now Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has let loose another of his henchmen on another government-linked company (GLC). It does not get better. The company does not disclose its financial results. And here is the first breach of the code on corporate governance.

Dingy: You don't need a very experienced corporate figure to be chairperson of Prasarana. The retired IGP can do the job better since he had experience in controlling entire police force.

Similarly, it's time for Najib to promote police officers to be school principals for schools with disciplinary problems.

Qualification is secondary to Najib. His loyalists come first in promotion, even if the person has zero knowledge in running the company or an entity.

To Najib, a loyalist is more important than an expert in running a multi-billion ringgit GLC. How many GLCs are successful under BN? Corruption is rampant, causing billions of ringgit in losses.

One recent good example is Felda and FGV. If this country continues to be under Najib, much, much more damage would be done in the corporate and government sectors. You will find underqualified people heading big corporations.

For this reason, the rakyat must vote out this very corrupt kleptocratic government. Change the government to redress all the wrongs done by Najib before the country is permanently damaged.

Betty Hutton: It is time politicians stop rewarding retired police chiefs and others of such ilk. This is downright rewarding of brownnosing when in service. Choose people in the industry instead who know what the company is all about. Shameful.

Just a Malaysian: Najib has a naive approach towards running this country. At this moment of conflict with the rakyat, Najib should start to put smart, good people in charge to help him govern and get out of the hole he is in right now. But being a naive person, he keeps digging.

Rupert16: This is what Najib meant by good governance - appointing all his lap dogs to key positions in government agencies and GLCs.

Gaji Buta: Penang state exco Phee Boon Poh is being investigated for corruption because he wrote an “improper” letter of recommendation. Who wrote Khalid's recommendation?

Was any gratification or personal benefit or interest involved? Is this situation any different from Phee's?

Anonymous 1719401496919916: Isn't it obvious? Khalid has to be "rewarded for his services". Not to the country and its people but to the kleptocrats, the cabinet and best of all his disservice to Pastor Raymond Koh's family, custodial deaths inaction and a host of other fails he has had as an IGP.

Now, we are putting billions of ringgit into his hands. I wonder how Prasarana will end up. Well, please continue voting for Umno and BN. They will take Malaysia to the grave.

Anonymous_3e21: Najib’s track record of appointing heads of GLCs is pretty amazing. It is no surprise that he appointed Khalid as chairperson of Prasarana.

The only surprise for even his hardcore critics is the manner he appointed Khalid, i.e. a day after his retirement plus a special envoy status thrown in.

I really pity Khalid, who actually wanted to enrol himself in culinary classes.

'Khalid's Prasarana appointment too soon, begs questions'

Clever Voter: Former inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar's appointment as Prasarana chairperson came "too soon", and begs public speculation due to his lack of experience in the public transport sector.

Didn't someone suggest that public servants without appropriate commercial exposure and governance not be appointed to key positions in government-linked companies or agencies?

The majority of public servants do not even have a basic understanding of Finance 101, let alone the industry know-how.

Many see this as a trade-off or a reward for individuals close to the establishment. The nation has enough talent, but dipping into the same pool of people without appropriate credentials is asking for trouble.

Its obvious change will not happen if the top isn't prepared to be different.

Anonymous_3f94: It would be a stretch to call Khalid a fine upstanding man as he has been labelled by our very own courts as an “unreliable witness”, not once, but twice.

Shouldn't honesty be a criterion for the appointment? Or is a lack of honesty the criteria they seek?

Lord Denning: Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) director Cynthia Gabriel makes more pertinent points than Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli) director Ramon Navaratnam, who said that Khalid “deserves a break”.

Is this a reward for past loyalty, or is a key position being filled by a highly skilled person?

Khalid should be made head of Rela instead with his experience. Maybe a directorship, but certainly not a chair.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Common sense dictates that the best person leads an organisation. But we no longer live in an environment where common sense has any currency. We live in a Pavlovian climate of reward and punishment.

Shanmugam VK Subrayan: Is anyone naive enough to think that Khalid would go without collecting his rewards?

If a member of the police force can be appointed as ambassador to France, why not a police officer for helming anything? Malaysia boleh!

Tikusmati: I am sure the people working in Prasarana must be disappointed...

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