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The real message behind beer fest ban

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YOURSAY | ‘Why deprive the right of other faiths just because one’s faith does not permit it?'

Ex-judge, Muslim activist debate beer fest merits

CQ Muar: The beer festival, normally held during the month of October and known as the Oktoberfest, had been celebrated for decades in many countries, including Malaysia.

The recent hue and cry by Muslim Malaysian activists who are against the practice is all a ruse. The festival is meant for non-Muslims, hence to impose the ban is an infringement of their rights.

Besides, Muslims should know their faith well enough to stay away from the festival. Nobody encourages them to follow what non-Muslims do. Why deprive the right of other faiths, just because your faith does not permit it?

Headhunter: Since when is the government so concerned with the health of non-Muslims? The excuse for not approving the beer festival, that they are concerned with health and security, is pure nonsense.

The real reason is they are giving way to the religious bigots.

Anonymous 381541456985626: My health and wellbeing is my responsibility, and no one has the right to dictate how I take care of my health.

As for the safety of the individuals and citizens at the event, that is the responsibility of the police; if the organisers follow the requirements, there should be no problems.

There will always be somebody unhappy with something, most of the time. Is it right for that to be the reason to cancel or ban a gathering, festival or party?

Isn't it the responsibility of the enforcement authorities to maintain peace and harmony, and protect the people at functions?

If we start cancelling and banning functions for fear of some individuals or groups that are not happy, then there would come a day when we can't any functions at all, as the enforcement bodies would have to comply with every individual's displeasure.

Drngsc: Islamic Renaissance Front director Ahmad Farouk Musa, with all due respect, surely no one is going to turn over and become an alcoholic over one beer fest?

Following your argument, you and Amanah lawmaker and fellow medical doctor Dr Siti Mariah must fight to ban alcohol from Malaysia.

Banning one festival is not going to have any impact on alcoholism. Indeed, the data is strong - that people who become alcoholics have a personality disorder.

It is the fundamental right of citizens to partake in any activity or drink so long as they are not breaking the law. This festival is obviously not against the law. We had them before. So what's the big deal?

By banning the event, you have encroached on the fundamental rights of a group of citizens. And that is against the federal constitution.

Anonymous_1408265047: Probably the most dangerous pastime in Malaysia is driving a car or riding a motorcycle, where one can be killed or seriously injured through no fault of one's own.

Also, the consumption of sugar in massive quantities in Malaysia is a serious health hazard, which causes the onset of diabetes and the death of thousands each year.

Cigarette smoking kills a person every four hours in Malaysia, according to the health authorities. It appears that nobody wants to ban it.

However, alcohol in moderate quantities is actually beneficial to health. The Egyptians knew this 4,000 years ago.

The sheer hypocrisy or the gross ignorance, but most probably, the intellectual dishonesty of some people in this country is breath-taking.

Skippy: You don't need a festival to drink and smoke. After all, beer and cigarettes are easily available on a daily basis. If the government bans alcohol and cigarettes totally, then this makes sense.

Otherwise, to ban just this festival is downright hypocritical. Check your statistics, please. Most sexual offenders in this country are non-drinkers.

It's the same for those involved in the theft of public funds...

Iiiizzzziiii: Yes, the question begging to be asked is that "why not have a total ban on the sales of cigarette and alcohol in the first place?" It is the only right thing to do and that will save many unnecessary incidents and situations in future.

The core issue here is the fundamental right of everyone. Muslim zealots have always been adopting the big brother role, telling everyone what is good and what is bad for all but they have failed to understand that "one man’s medicine is another’s poison".

Basically: We are missing the fundamental point, that is, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has no business stopping any sort of event that is not illegal.

Furthermore, DBKL cited “political sensitivity” as the reason, which is a dangerous word for the city hall to use. What does it even mean?

Will it be used in future to stop events that certain politically empowered people simply do not like?

JD Lovrenciear: If a nation cannot even handle a simple, small crowd puller like the "Better Beer Festival" that non-Muslims have no issue with in indulging, how would you expect our vanguards, guardians and seeming thinkers and unquestionable policy makers to deal with multi-billion ringgit 'donations'?

The hidden message emanating from this ban is too loud to ignore if the constitution is to be preserved for posterity.

SadMsian: Indeed, it is no longer about the beer. It is about our rights.

Anonymous 759201436321741: By and large, when Muslims are the majority, their way of life is the only way. They expect the minority to comply.

When they fled, or migrated, to countries where they are the minority, they insist on the right to practise their way of life.

I don't drink, not socially or even occasionally. I know excessive drinking is bad for medical reasons. But I don’t impose my way of life on others, not even my family members.

Why can’t Muslims here think that way and remember they are Malaysians first and Muslims second?

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