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COMMENT | I did not expect my last blog post on why young Malays should migrate to attract much controversy, but it became a hit, the second most popular news item on social media that day.

Of course, there were many unkind and ridiculous comments, with some readers attributing my article to my own lack of confidence in the opposition's chances in the next general election.

Some also questioned my fighting spirit; saying that we should not talk about quitting Malaysia.

These “fighters” were nowhere to be seen when the Islamo-fascists took over the country. They did nothing to stop the Arabisation programme which stifled democracy, where even the most basic personal freedoms are taken away.

The fighters did nothing when a fatwa became law or when the statutory powers were given to make it a criminal offence to talk about Islam without a valid “tauliah”. This renders any discussion or discourse an offence unless the subject matter received support from the authorities.

So, I am not convinced we have genuine fighters to reverse the trend. If we have 10 more Zainah Anwar, or Dr Farouk Musa or Group of 25s; and if we have more lawyers like Haris Ibrahim or Art Harun, then maybe we have a chance, but we don't have enough Muslims who care. They talk a lot but fear of being described as “jahil” to prevent them from doing anything. Some are politicians, and so not losing Malay votes becomes a paramount consideration.

I wrote that piece in the context of the dismal fighting spirit shown by Malays over the control of their lives by these bureaucrats. After observing the lives of Malay families I know who have settled in England and elsewhere, it crossed my mind that maybe Malays are better off if they migrate...

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