'We salute Tian Chua for his bravery and self-sacrifice'

YOURSAY | ‘You are paying the price on behalf of all M’sians, and it shall not be forgotten.’

Tian Chua withdraws appeal, accepts one-month jail term

Annonymous: In a surprising move, Batu MP and PKR vice-president Tian Chua has withdrawn his appeal in the charge brought against him for refusing to comply with a police order to leave the restricted Police Training Centre (Pulapol) in 2012.

Tian Chua is a courageous and fearless patriot who is constantly persecuted, fighting for a fairer and better country for all Malaysians.

You could have easily sold your soul to the devil in power and be showered with millions of ringgit and endless luxuries, position, titles, wealth and comfort for you and your family, but you chose to walk with the oppressed and suffering rakyat.

Thank you for all your sacrifices and for facing the constant abuse and beatings on behalf of all Malaysians. Thank you for refusing to be corrupt and refusing to kow-tow to the corrupt in power.

Many grateful thanks, Tian Chua. May Allah bless you and protect you and your family.

Kim Quek: Tian Chua’s withdrawal of his appeal is an emphatic vote of no confidence in our judicial system.

In fact, it is a loud condemnation of our judges, most of whom have disgusted the public with their absurdly biased judgments that reveal them as nothing but shameless stooges of the incumbent power.

Tian Chua, we salute you for your bravery and self-sacrifice in tirelessly pushing the boundary of Reformasi forward against the beleaguered regime now sinking in a quagmire of corruption.

Perhaps unbeknownst to the corrupt power, your unjust conviction will boomerang on the corrupt power badly and hasten its demise.

Headhunter: I think he did right by accepting his fate. It's a personal sacrifice for the sake of the nation.

The acceptance of his charge will only leave a black mark on the authorities who prosecuted him. Like the Anwar Ibrahim case, Malaysians will look at it as politics at its worse. The blight is to the judiciary and the government.

Vijay47: Since the one-month imprisonment and fine of RM1,000 does not disqualify Tian Chua from Parliament, he will continue to be a pain and durian thorn in PM Najib Razak's bottom.

Tian Chua's withdrawal of his appeal is a wise move. Discretion is the better part of valour, and why take the chance of losing the appeal and perhaps be given a sentence that might disqualify him from a parliamentary seat.

The actual offence itself can only happen in Malaysia - drag him to the Police Training Centre (Pulapol) and then charge him with trespassing! Sheer brilliance.

Anyway, with good behaviour, you should be serving only about 22 days in the cooler. See you soon and say hello to Anwar from all of us.

S’gor numbers look up for Harapan, PAS’ look bleak

Kim Quek: DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming argues that PAS cannot prevent Pakatan Harapan from forming the next government in Selangor, even under the most pessimistic scenario.

This projection, which is realistic, applies to almost the entire west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This coincides with my prediction right from the start that PAS would be wiped out in the west coast.

The only exception is in Kelantan and Terengganu. And even in its stronghold Kelantan, which it has ruled since 1990, PAS will be decimated if its threat of waging three-cornered fights covers the entire state.

In the end, PAS loses both worlds: The spiritual world, where it loses its legitimacy as a party dedicated to realising the true values of Islam, due to its illicit relationship with Umno; and the material world, where the political grounds it has gained so spectacularly in the last two general elections have virtually disappeared.

Rupert16: Sometimes I do wonder why DAP wants to show its electoral strategy to all and sundry.

It's akin to telling your opponents your game plan, long before the game started, so giving them ample time to re-adjust their counter plans.

Quigonbond: The weak link in this analysis is the assumptions made about the most pessimistic scenario. It assumes that Malay voters will group Umno and PAS together, and that votes for PAS won't cannibalise votes for Harapan. That may not necessarily pan out.

What is needed is a political will to stop talking to PAS and exclusively build up Harapan's manifesto and take it to the ground. The often false complaint against Harapan is that they only know how to criticise. Those who are not initiated will take this argument at face value.

Harapan has much research and many policies that it has proposed in the past. Some can only be implemented if it takes the federal government.

Since the youth and rural Malays appear to be illiterate about issues, such as the Constitution, et cetera, Harapan must pull out all stops to educate them on their proposed policies and stop confusing them about working with PAS.

Ultimately: PAS is obviously trying to ‘kamikaze’ the opposition, and obviously, the only winner is Umno. So, the question is, why is PAS doing this. Only the ulama leaders like Abdul Hadi Awang, Nasrudin Hassan, etc, can explain.

The Sungai Besar by-election has shown the opposition votes remained the same, and PAS/Harapan got half the share. That was a by-election, which usually sees different voting patterns from a general election.

So in the 14th general election, it is likelier that Harapan will get a bigger share of that opposition vote than in Sungai Besar, and add to that Bersatu taking a share of Umno's votes, PAS' chances are very slim indeed. The only way PAS can win a seat is by Umno's grace.

That said, the same scenario applies to Umno as well. Their votes will be split two ways.

Selangor MB Azmin Ali should realise that this increases his chances, and he should work harder to win approval from voters instead of wasting precious time trying to grovel to Hadi.

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