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MACC compromises integrity by accepting RM5mil from MO1

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YOURSAY | 'Selective gratification will always be viewed upon with suspicion.'

'MACC should set example by returning Najib's RM5 million'

Anonymous #218281312: This is the height of kleptocracy - openly distributing incentives to the MACC, which comes directly under the Prime Minister’s Department (PMO), when Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) himself is under investigation.

Who in PMO approved the payment when it is obvious that 1MDB is still under investigation? Isn’t this a clear-cut case of currying favour so that the case remains closed forever?

In addition, the SRC case has not been closed as revealed by MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad, with the files presumably being passed like hot charcoal from MACC to Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC).

R Venugopal: All the donations to MACC are more of a bait to pacify them. If you appreciate their service, then reward the entire team. Success is the result of teamwork.

In Bolehland, cash is king and everything can be bought. MACC should be vetting the current ‘wakil rakyat’ (parliamentarians), Aduns (state assembly representatives), MBs, ministers and the PM, without fear or favour.

Frank: Just like billions to be paid to Donald Trump's US, the RM5 million contribution to MACC is actually penalty payment for the sins committed related to the sickening saga of 1MDB. It is as if such sins can easily be cleansed away.

That RM5 million donation, together with the speech delivered, where the contents could make just about anyone throw up, should now lead to the formation of a condition to be known worldwide as ‘Malaysia's shame’ - to be up there with others such as ‘American dream’, ‘Stockholm syndrome’ and ‘Turkish delight’.

And it means the presence of a powerful elite group inside a country giving pretension that everything is all right when the rest of the world says otherwise about its leaders, its position in the world and its future.

Rupert16: Even the MACC does not understand what it means by "conflict of interest" when the agency accepted the RM5 million ‘dedak’ (animal feed) from PM Najib Abdul Razak.

So, can we truly expect the MACC to act without fear or favour? Can we expect MACC to be impartial? Obviously not.

ICAC: Can you all imagine what has happened to a country when the corrupted top leader can, in broad daylight, give ‘bribes’ to anti-corruption authorities and officers?

Love God N Do Gd: Why does Najib need to give RM5 million to MACC? Is the RM5 million from Najib's private fund or from taxpayers' money?

All those working in MACC are well paid by taxpayers' money, aren't they? So why the need for RM5 million?

MVA: By giving allocations to the MACC officers foundation (Yayasan Prihatin), the PM is acknowledging that the salaries and perks of government servants are inadequate to take care of their well-being.

The solution is to improve the salaries and perks for all government servants. Selective gratification will always be viewed upon with suspicion.

Nippon: Indeed, why RM5 million to the Yayasan but not for MACC direct operations? Is there any underlying arrangement to subdue the current MACC role?

Anonymous_138802905: Why the need to set up Yayasan Prihatin to look after the welfare of MACC officers? They already receive monthly salaries like any government servants, aren’t they?

What is so special about these officers? If a welfare foundation is to be set up, then it should be for the hard-working doctors and specialists in government hospitals.

Anonymous 459: By inviting Najib to the MACC anniversary ceremony, MACC chief Dzulkifli concedes that Najib is free from any corruption allegations. Is this the message to be sent?

The board of directors of MACC, which is its governing body, should reprimand Dzulkifli that such conduct cannot be accepted, especially with Najib having been investigated by MACC and a cloud of events still hanging over Najib's head.

It is also to be noted that Dzulkifli was among the select few in the Attorney-General’s Chambers who had been tasked to conduct the investigation which "cleared" Najib.

Anonymous_1408265047: The article should read: "MACC invites more unhealthy speculation." An extra RM5 million for doing your job? The circus would be funny if the clowns were not so stupid.

Headhunter: Yes, by accepting the money, MACC principles have been compromised. Now they have less reason to investigate MO1.

Mosquitobrain: Najib, there are hundreds of thousands of poor souls out there who need aid more than MACC.

Those poor souls are the ones who have been tricked to vote for BN. What is blinding your priority? "You help me, I will help you"?

Anonymous 1034721438846003: This RM5 million is a bait. Once accepted, MACC will have to kowtow to Putrajaya. The RM5 million should come from MACC’s own budget.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: MACC, you must not only be clean but must be seen to be clean. True to this adage, you must not accept the RM5 million from the PM.

Accepting it would compromise your integrity and independence as a graft-busting agency. Your reputation is already very low in the eyes of the rakyat.

Don't let it slip further and become the butt of jokes, not only in Malaysia but the whole world.

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