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Reactions to Umno-themed event 'a matter of perception', PIBG says

The reactions to the Umno-themed competition at a school in Putrajaya are merely a matter of perception, said the school's Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG) chairperson Mohamad Sahar Mat Din.

"I am a rational person. It is indeed relevant (to use 'Umno and independence' as the event's theme), as it is part of our history; just like you cannot erase the fact that Dr Mahathir Mohamed was the former prime minister.

"Maybe (the organiser) wanted the pupils to understand history, maybe the party (Umno) wanted to prove that it had contributed a lot.

"But different people would interpret it differently. Politicians may take advantage of it while some may think there is a political agenda behind the event," he told Malaysiakini...

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