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Royals draw line in the sand on Islam

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YOURSAY | ‘Nobody had reckoned that of all persons, a sultan no less, would not follow the script.’

Johor sultan calls Zamihan ‘empty tin with no brains’

Negarawan: "Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has called Islamic preacher Zamihan Mat Zin ‘an empty tin with no brains’.”

Indeed, the PM of Malaysia also deserves to be regarded as such. The actions of the Johor sultan put the PM to shame, as the PM remains indifferent to racial and religious bigotry that is destroying the fabric of our multi-cultural society.

This brings into serious question the integrity of the PM and whether he is fit to remain in office, especially in light of his role in the international 1MDB corruption scandal.

Vijay47: Even though the northeast monsoon is not here yet, it looks like it doesn't rain but pours for PM Najib Razak. He is trapped in a classic pincer attack, one from Perlis in the north and the other from Johor.

Further, even his command centre around Putrajaya also seems under siege, with the judiciary displaying signs of rebellion against tyranny.

Religion is a useful tool to be used for influencing the simple village folks and thus we have Jakim (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) with its billion-ringgit budget, yes, billion ringgit, and a slew of so-called religious and other officials adopting a rewarding slant where despite all the shameful acts, Najib and Umno come out as shining defenders of the faith.

These usual suspects even include a group that claims to protect Islam yet seems to have been mesmerised, proving that sometimes, not all things come to pass.

Enter the dragon. Nobody had reckoned that of all persons, a sultan no less, would not follow the script and instead, condemn the excesses and abuses being spread throughout the country and especially in his state.

Suddenly, little lords and Napoleans who hitherto had arrogantly ravaged unrestricted as long as they sang the praises of a certain leader for their supper, found themselves on the receiving end of the stick.

And the worst part for them is, they can do nothing about it, not even their great leader who claims to have conquered America and China.

Gerard Lourdesamy: His Majesty is right. Islamic preacher Zamihan is a part of a brand of ulama, religious teachers and scholars who got brainwashed by the Wahhabi Saudis and the Shia Ayatollahs of Iran in the late 1970s and 1980s and want to create an orthodox, fundamentalist and reactionary type of Islamic state dominated by the clergy who will have the absolute power to interpret the Quran and Hadith and render their pronouncements infallible.

Muslim religious bodies actively support their activities notwithstanding their limitations in the federal and state constitutions and the multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural reality of the country.

In the process, the Malay culture and identity are being erased in favour of something Arabic, and national unity is being destroyed.

Fair Play: His Majesty Sultan of Johor is head of Islam in Johor. JAINJ (Johor Islamic Religious Department) reports directly to the sultan of Johor, not to Jakim.

This is the clearest sign that the shift back to the respective sultan is now taking place. It is long overdue.

And the biggest loser may well be Jakim. For too long, they thought it is their birthright as the custodian of Islam. His Majesty Sultan of Johor's decision just might have stunned them with the wake-up call that their lording days may well be over, at least in Johor.

No doubt other states may take the cue too and act accordingly. What is most interesting to watch is the action and response from Umno and PAS politicians. And of course, how Najib will respond is worth awaiting.

Certainly, this new development will not bode well for Umno and PAS with GE14 less than a year away. Removing the religion equation will take the wind out the sail of Umno and PAS. I doubt Pakatan Harapan has ever dreamed of this windfall.

Vgeorgemy: It is very well known in the NGO community that Jakim financially supported thousands of NGOs in the name of development of Islam but as a part of the grand scheme orchestrated to usurp sultan’s power over the religious matters.

Traces of such a grand scheme was very evident in Zamihan’s arrogant and haughty speech. He even challenged the mosque authorities to show his speech to “orang atasan dan sultan”.

How did he become so bold saying he only speaks the truth and no one can touch him? Is it that Zamihan was part of an inner circle in designing the grand scheme to impose their heinous narratives on the rakyat?

It is the Jakim-sponsored NGOs we should worry about. We also see the handiwork of the likes of Zakir Naik in devising the mission and vision of these NGOs.

Johor needs to conduct a social audit based on its original Islamic teachings on all the NGOs directly managed by the HM Royal Court. This is the only way to eradicate this vicious and heinous ideology from the land of Johor.

Abasir: It’s been reported today that another one of kleptocrat's deputy ministers has declared in that showcase of Islamic governance - Kelantan - that BN is determined to make Malaysia an Islamic State.

Coming on the heels of this latest outrage by a Jakim-paid and licensed preacher of hate, it is clearly telling.

Anonymous 1719401496919916: Zamihan, the religious bigot and racist, you lied twice. Once for denying you criticised His Majesty Tuanku of Johor. Then you denied working for Jakim.

How low can you go? Isn’t lying and "fitnah" a sin in all true religions including Islam?

Anonymous 242641505703475: I fully support the Sultan of Johor for his strong stand against extremism, racism, intolerance.

Malaysia is a modern, moderate, multi-religious, multi-ethnic nation. We want harmony, peace, happiness, prosperity for all Malaysians. I salute the Sultan of Johor for being outspoken and firm.

I urge all leaders to speak out and speak up. Unfortunately, there is deafening silence among most leaders.

Ipoh Pp: Notice in this whole issue, MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) has stayed away. Not a squeal from him.

The only man who stands above them all is the Johor sultan. Thank you, your majesty. When other men fear to tread, you have shown us the way.

Anonymous 2482231502494173: I'm an Indian and Christian and I have a credit in Pengetahuan Agama Islam at SPM level. I can read and write Jawi. Those days the ustaz or ustazah are very understanding, and they never asked me to convert to Islam.

Religion is a choice. It is between you and God. At the end of the day, we should respect one another and help all regardless of religion and race.

I really salute His Majesty Sultan of Johor. If all the sultans can be like the Sultan of Johor, Malaysia will be paradise. Daulat Tuanku!

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