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Enough of MO1’s spin, open the books on 1MDB

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YOURSAY | Indeed, which wrongs did 1MDB specifically correct?

PM: 1MDB made right Mahathir's wrongs

Clever Voter: The statements by PM Najib Razak (in lauding the wonderful work 1MDB) is outrageous, to say the least. He is being dishonest in trying to justify his alleged sins.

Billions of ringgit have been lost, impacting adversely the nation’s future. Najib was a member of cabinet which approved the IPP (independent power producer) projects, but surely this paled in comparison to the 1MDB scandal.

Today the reckless establishment is selling public property at bargain basement price to 'make up' the financial holes created by 1MDB.

Anonymous 706151436780066: Which wrongs by previous administrations did 1MDB specifically correct? Why was this not stated at the inception of 1MDB?

1MDB is a financial scandal that has led to massive losses of taxpayers’ money, how does that rectify the wrongs by previous administrations?

Najib is obviously lying and his latest explanation contradicts his previous assertions on the 1MDB scandal.

Anonymous #21828131: We all know it has lost billions and to date, it has not dared to directly answer any of the lawmakers in Parliament (including BN lawmakers), the Bank Negara, and Finance Ministry.

All we get are piecemeal answers, and that everything is under the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

Don’t take the rakyat for fools. By now, the whole world knows what is happening with 1MDB and that no action was taken by the authorities after they were systematically defanged.

Even the DPM has started to believe that Jho Low, the 1MDB "wonder boy", together with Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), are godsent to rescue Malaysia from the mistakes made by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

At one time, it was taboo for MO1 to even mention about 1MDB. And given plenty of opportunities to clear his name in Parliament as well as at other forums, he has always been “missing in action”.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Najib, you write about 1MDB in your blog but you have no guts to answer questions raised by opposition MPs in Parliament.

If everything is transparent and above board, then answer the questions in Parliament. 1MDB is believed to be in debt of at least RM40 billion but you failed to give us the true picture.

1MDB said it had a good case against Aabar's claims but in the end agreed to settle it out of court and pay Aabar the US$3.5 billion which the latter said it never received.

And when 1MDB made the first partial payment in July it failed to disclose where it got the funds from, leading us to assume that it must be bailed out by the Finance Ministry.

To this day, 1MDB failed to provide audited financial statements for 2015 and 2016. There are so many irregularities in 1MDB that whatever written in your blog is pure spin.

Even in the current Parliament sitting, all questions on 1MDB are disallowed by the House speaker, no doubt at your instruction.

Worried Sick: I believe our PM. So why did Parliament speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia disallow questions related to 1MDB by the opposition leader (when 1MDB did so well as according to PM)?

He must know something that we don't or he (the speaker) is afraid that he has done something wrong viz 1MDB and worried that the MACC would go after him.

Anyway, I think Pandikar is the worst speaker the Parliament has ever had. The PM has rightly contradicted him about 1MDB, which turned out to be a good thing, after all.

Pandikar, by disallowing questions on 1MDB, is actually making the people think something is very wrong with it.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Yes, Najib, 1MDB can make so much profits as envisaged by you despite it being allegedly robbed of billions by MO1.

The people are very thankful to you for helping to keep our electricity bill low, but they cannot forget and forgive MO1 for allegedly robbing them of huge sums of money.

And they are wondering why you did not raise a finger at all to have MO1 and his accomplices arrested. Other countries have already convicted a few of them.

Indeed, the public want to know why you are not eager to get MO1 and his gang of alleged thieves? As long as you do not go get them, the people cannot forgive you even though 1MDB might earn us a trillion ringgit.

Straight Talk Joe 51: The truth lies in the Auditor General's Report on 1MDB, which you have blocked by using the OSA.

Just release the report and allow the people to make their own decisions on the matter rather than you keep feeding them unsubstantiated claims.

Anonymous #44199885: The US Department of Justice (DOJ) says as much as US$7 billion may have been misappropriated. The Swiss put it at US$4 billion. Is this misappropriation also to make right the power deals?

And how is the purchase of yachts, penthouses, luxury apartments, diamond necklaces, artwork, champagne, throwing lavish parties, giving expensive gifts away, paying gambling debts at Las Vegas casinos and drinking away crystal champagne related to rewriting poor power purchase agreements and correcting previous poor economic decisions?

Anonymous 273021436761739: I’m speechless. How can a person who has done so much wrong still put the blame on other people? Where is his conscience?

Frankie: RM690 million of 1MDB money going to corporate social responsibility work? With that amount of money, I can do 10 times better than this.

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