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S’gor BN cries foul over error in state expenditure budget book

Selangor Barisan Nasional criticised the negligence of the state government over the mistakes in the printing of details in the 2018 Selangor Estimated Expenditure Book.

Selangor BN state assemblyperson coordinator, Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan said the mistakes in the details of the revenue estimates for 2018, involving the allocation for the Malaysian Road Records Information System (Marris), should not have occurred especially in an important document on the expenditure of the state government.

“Today, the state government issues us a notice conceding there was regret there. I am of the opinion such mistakes should not have been allowed because it involves an important document.

“I feel the regret shows a prima facie case…clear proof of lack of care and inefficiency in the handling of this budget. Doubts surface when corrections are made,” he told a media conference in the lobby of the Selangor State Assembly today.

Before the sitting started, all elected representatives were handed notices of apology and a renewal schedule of the details for the Estimated Revenue for 2018.

On his part, Permatang state assemblyperson Sulaiman Abdul Razak said the mistakes which indicated non-compliance of the constitution could result in the 2018 Selangor Budget not being approved.

He said, based on Article 97 of the Federal Constitution, all state government revenues from any source must be entered into the consolidated fund.

“We cannot accept this matter by declaring regret, because this is major negligence on the part of the state government.

“I am confident the state government only realised the matter after it was raised by the Batang Kali state assemblyperson and declared regret,” he said.

In this regard, he lauded any NGOs who would report the matter to the relevant authorities, such as the MACC, so that an investigation could be conducted.

Yesterday, when debating the 2018 Selangor Budget, Mat Nadzari urged the state government to declare the amount of allocation received for Marris since 2012.

This was following the non-state government revenue allocation account not recording receipt of Marris money, despite the federal government chanelling an allocation of between RM400 million to RM500 million a year.

- Bernama

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