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'Something amiss with the rush to protect Zakir Naik'

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YOURSAY | ‘If the preacher is innocent, M’sia should let him go to India to clear his name .’

Zakir Naik has never promoted terrorism, says DPM

Ravinder: What does one have to do to be considered as “promoting terrorism”? Telling people to take up arms directly? Indian preacher Zakir Naik's speech is hate speech - he speaks badly of and pokes fun at other religions.

In doing so, Zakir is sowing the seeds of hatred towards non-Muslims, and this is the root of terrorism that will someday make some people do things like what we see happening in Europe and the West - driving trucks into crowds, spraying bullets into crowds, et cetera.

So don't be in denial that intellectual-sounding speeches have no terrorist undertones, or that one is not promoting terrorism if one is not handing out guns and ammunition directly, with instructions to go and do what is “necessary” in the name of race and religion.

Kangkung: Why is the Umno government so protective of this stateless fugitive? His passport has been revoked by the Indian government. This fugitive is wanted for money laundering and his role in a terror case.

Why is Zakir so special? In 2012, Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari was deported immediately and risked facing execution, despite thousands of worldwide appeals for his life. Uighurs were also deported to China.

Recently, in May 2017, three Turkish citizens were arrested and deported, with the Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi proudly saying they were not the responsibility of the Malaysian government, and that they must be sent back to their country of origin.

So why, may we ask, is this fugitive Zakir so special?

Anonymous 2475091498015598: Zakir is a nasty guy who speaks ill of other religions. If a person can be so extreme as to put down other religions then he is not a decent human being.

A religious scholar should not get this kind of hatred if he speaks intelligently and rationalises every point.

But Zakir is an outcast in India. If he has no criminal record in India, why is he taking refuge in other countries?

A religious scholar should not be afraid of returning to his home country.

Vgeorgemy: Malaysia must be very careful on the Zakir Naik issue, since two friendly countries are involved in Zakir’s issue.

One of these is India, with whom we have a strong trade and cultural relationship, and another one is Saudi Arabia, the custodian of places considered holy to Malaysian Muslims.

India's submission of the 4,000-page investigation report on Zakir's association with terror activities and Saudi's recent action against extremist preachers in the kingdom will affect our relationship with them.

If Zakir is allowed to continue his involvement in the religious preaching circuit in Malaysia, it will seriously create unwanted tension with these countries, and negatively affect the welfare of our citizens.

We need to address these issues very seriously to protect the religious and economic interests of the nation.

Newday: So the Home Ministry has “scrutinised all the videos and texts transcribed from his speeches” and found nothing wrong with them.

It is a bit like preaching to the converted. Ask those from other religions whether the exiled preacher, in his YouTube videos, is perpetrating terrorism.

You may be surprised to get a completely different opinion. This government definitely has selective blindness.

6th Generation Immigrant: Why not openly conduct the review in public if the minister and Zakir have nothing to hide?

Better still, since Zahid finds there to be no link to terrorism or incitement, why not let Zakir go back to India and Bangladesh to clear his name?

Does the Home Ministry's definition of terrorism and incitement also differ from those in India and Bangladesh?

Let's all compare notes before shooting from the hip to declare the innocence of the preacher.

Gerard Lourdesamy: What is relevant is that Zakir is wanted in India for terrorism-related offences and money laundering. Both are crimes in Malaysia as well.

The Indian courts have an established reputation for independence, impartiality and fairness. After Indonesia, India has the second largest Muslim population in the world.

It is time that New Delhi makes it clear to Putrajaya that any refusal to extradite Zakir will seriously impact bilateral relations, including Malaysian investments and the billions of dollars in construction contracts awarded to Malaysian companies in India.

Better to kick Zakir out and let him deal with his own problems. Besides, does Zakir have a "tauliah" (approval) to preach in any of the Malaysian states?

Why are the religious bodies keeping silent?

Anonymous 2469701494820788: Promoting hatred among people of different faiths is akin to terrorising minorities.

MVA8: We need to be careful with what we say. If we say the curry is not hot although others say it is, then the truth is that there may be something wrong with our nerves and senses.

Apa Ini: We already have more than our fair share of hate preachers, and there are enough people born here in our country who are still stateless.

Why protect this alien?

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