Gerakan Youth stage sit-in to stop hillside development

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About 20 members of Penang Gerakan Youth sat cross-legged for 30 minutes in front of the gate of the Penang Legislative Assembly today and called on all state assemblypersons to support a motion asking the state government to stop all hillside development projects.

Penang Gerakan Youth acting chief Jason Loo said they urged all assemblypersons to support the motion to be tabled by Pulau Betong assemblyperson Datuk Muhamad Farid Saad.

 “We want every assemblyman to support the motion. We all know that the landslide at the construction site of affordable housing at Lengkok Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah, on Oct 21 claimed the lives of 11 people … we have to avert similar tragedies,” he said to reporters outside the assembly building.

The Gerakan Youth members sat cross-legged and held up a banner which had the words 'Mohon ADUN Pulau Pinang Mewariskan Alam Semula Jadi Kepada Generasi Akan Datang' (Request Penang Assemblymen to Bequeath Nature to the Next Generation).

One Malaysian, five Bangladeshis, two Indonesians, two Myanmar nationals and a Pakistani were buried alive in the landslide of Oct 21.

- Bernama


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