The police have failed to take action on a report lodged against an MIC state assembly representative for alleged criminal breach of trust (CBT), the Dewan Rakyat heard today.

DAP member of Parliament for Kota Melaka, Kerk Kim Hock said during his adjournment speech that he had written a letter to Inspector-General Norian Mai on June 6 this year requesting the latter to provide the latest update on the case.

"However, my letter was like a stone thrown into an ocean," he told the house.

"For the sake of accountability, the police must inform the complainant about the result of the investigation and why no action has been taken against the accused," he added.

The report was filed by businessman Kalimuthu Palaisamy Muthuamy on May 31 against MIC Labis branch head Krishnasamy Seeman, who is a Johor state assembly representative.

Krishnasamy has held the position for two terms and was formerly a gardener in one of the schools in Labis. After becoming a state assemblyman, he appeared to living a very luxurious lifestyle, said Kerk.

In the report, Kalimuthu claimed that a dinner was organised at the SJK Labis on May 5, 1997, to collect funds for the MIC Lanis branch building.

He said before the dinner, he had donated RM5,000 toward the fund. Krishnasamy had received the money on behalf of MIC. However, he had not issued any receipts. After the dinner, Kalimuthu donated another RM5,000.

Kalimuthu later found out that the branch has collected about RM311,000 through media reports.

He managed to obtain the list of donors issued by the MIC branch, but found that his name was not there.

"Krishnasamy finally gave Kalimuthu RM5,000 on Feb 4, 1999. The former promised to pay back the rest but had not done so until today," said Kerk.

'Not a good example'

Kerk said four of Kalimuthu's friends also faced similar problems.

"Kalimuthu told the police about this matter after he made the police report. However, until today he had not heard from the police," Kerk added.

"Kalimuthu had repeatedly inquired about the report but no satisfactory answer came from the police," he added.

Kerk said he had no choice but to bring the matter to Parliament because the IGP had not answered his letters.

"Indeed, this is not a good example shown by an IGP. The police should show professionalism in their job no matter who the accused is," he said, urging the Anti-Corruption Agency to step in and investigate the matter.

In reply, Home Affairs Ministry parliamentary secretary Abu Zahar Isnin clarified that the Semangat police branch completed the investigation under section 406 of the Penal Code (CBT) on July 2 this year.

"The investigation papers have been submitted to the deputy attorney-general. No decision has been made yet," he said.

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