Let politicians give out cash aid for GE14 mileage, says delegate

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UMNO AGM | The cash aid for farmers and fishermen announced under Budget 2018, should be distributed by politicians instead of being directly debited to the recipients' bank accounts, said an Umno Youth delegate.

Kedah delegate Mohamed Noor Mohamed Amin said this is to give the politicians mileage during the upcoming 14th general election (GE14).

"With the election being near, give the mileage to politicians.

"Give (the aid) to MPs and assemblypersons, ask them to bedak-bedak (distribute) it.

"To the MPs and assemblypersons who get it, please give some habuan (incentive) to the (respective) youth chiefs to distribute," Mohamed Noor said at the Umno Youth general assembly in the Putra World Trade Centre today...