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Yoursay: Umno’s house of cards can’t last 1,000 years

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YOURSAY | ‘Such arrogance has always preceded the downfall of any empire.’

Najib: God willing, 1,000 years of Umno or darkness under DAP

SusahKes: Umno to rule for another 1,000 years? No, Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), I think Umno would be lucky if it lasts another 10 years.

Notwithstanding that Pakatan Harapan often struggles to keep its act together, Umno’s continued insolence will ensure its self-implosion within this generation.

Just look at all the tell-tale signs: Umno under MO1 has created the largest kleptocracy scandal in the world, and to make matters worse, Uncle Sam (US) isn’t bending over to play nice.

Either MO1 and Umno chose to remain blissfully unaware whilst engaging in self-celebratory jollification inside their ivory towers; or they are putting up an Oscar-worthy performance to keep up their mirage and house of cards intact, whilst they squeeze the last remaining penny out from this nation.

But such arrogance has always preceded the downfall of any empire. Go back and read your history books, Umno members. And I don’t mean the syllabus that you forced upon the Malaysian school system.

Go and read how Rome, Greece and Egypt of antiquity fell from their lofty perches. And of course, it’s still happening today, isn’t it? Strongman Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe is the latest dictator who failed to observe that.

There is no such thing as a perpetuity in the halls of power. That belongs to God, and you are not God.

Anonymous: Indeed, Malaysia is heading the way of Zimbabwe given the way Umno is running the country and the tainted politicians continually helping MO1 to defraud the citizens.

What lies is Umno spewing when DAP is a component party of Harapan, which is a coalition of equal partners with PKR, Pribumi and Amanah being Muslim or Muslim-majority parties.

There is no way that DAP can succeed without being in partnership with other component parties which represent the various communities in Malaysia.

Unlike Umno, which is essentially dominating the government, with the other so-called parties have a small handful of states that are inconsequential to Umno.

Oxymoronictendencies: Truly you are a remarkable man, PM Najib Razak. In one breath, you say DAP will rule the country if Harapan wins GE14.

And in the very next breath, you say Umno loves the Chinese. But wouldn’t you have people believe that DAP is “Chinese”?

Do you really think so little of the rakyat that you think they are incapable of rational thought? And just lap up your every word as some sort of gospel to be believed unquestioningly?

Your arrogance is only outstripped by your clear disdain for the rakyat. Bring on GE14 so we can send you to join former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in Sungai Buloh.

Go back to K'tan if you disagree with me, S'gor sultan tells Zaid

Existential Turd: If the Selangor sultan takes umbrage to Bugis pirate characterisation, please spare a thought to the non-Malays who have been variously denigrated, dehumanised and described by Malay/Muslim politicians as insect, filthy, gangster, unscrupulous businessmen, etc.

With the exception of the recent laundromat fiasco in Johor, not once did Malay rulers rise up to protect the non-Malays' dignity and censure the culprits.

The best they do is to issue some non-committal statement or warning about not to stir up racial sentiment to everyone, including the victims of discrimination.

Discovery: Your royal highness, what’s your view about 1MDB and particularly MO1? Recently, the US attorney-general described 1MDB as the greatest kleptocratic heist in the world. Can we have your advice on this please?

We are all so ashamed about the US AG’s comments but it seems like no one in our government cares or is willing to defend us against such unsavoury remarks.

We are really helpless. We are praying hard that the royal institution of this country will do something about it because 1MDB will also burn our country and not only that, it will burn the future of our children and grandchildren.

Odysseus: Did anyone come out to defend the Chinese when the red shirts, led by Umno leader Jamal Mohd Yunos, asked them to “balik Tongsan” and called them “Cina babi”? Or when Christians were abused and Indians displaced?

Hopelessly: These days it seems to have become fashionable to ask people to return to their place of origin. And if we all comply, the Orang Asli will be very happy to have the land all by themselves.

Raja Chulan: Former minister Zaid Ibrahim can stay and work where ever he wants. That is for Zaid to decide. As a rakyat of Malaysia, Zaid has his rights (which is protected by the constitution).

The sultans are silent on more pressing issues such as corruption, rising cost of living and abuse of power but quick to pick on issues such as the present one. Why?

Fair Play: Everyone has every right to disagree with anyone. Also as a Malaysian, everyone has the right to stay in any place he or she or it chooses.

The silent majority (of Malaysians) sympathise with Zaid.

Negarawan: Zaid did not steal the people's money. Zaid did not make Malaysia a kleptocracy. Zaid did not cause the plunge in the ringgit value.

Zaid did not turn Malaysia into an extremist, racially polarised state. Help us to restore confidence in the country.

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