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Chef Wan snubs both sides of political divide, points to Dr M's fate
Published:  Dec 25, 2017 5:16 PM
Updated: 9:39 AM

Celebrity chef Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, has revealed that both sides of the political divide have been courting him ahead of the next general election.

"I was approached by both Umno and the opposition to go on their various campaigns, supposedly all the villagers will come and see Chef Wan," he said in an Instagram posting.

Citing a Malay proverb, Redzuawan said he didn't want to be a deer trapped between two sparring elephants.

"Politics can be such a filthy game. Today people adore you. Tomorrow… look at Tun M, what have they not done to him?" he said.

He was referring to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad (photo), who has faced a barrage of attacks after joining the opposition.

"When the old man dies, they (critics) will all come back to apologise, pay their respects and everything. But it is too late.

"Of course everyone has their political differences, but why is everyone so vicious with hatred and vengeance?

"I find such behaviour so disgusting. The hypocrisy of people. Some don't even have principles.

"That is why I rejected all offers, as I am not into politics either," he said.

Ultimately, Redzuawan said all Malaysians have the right to vote, and they should exercise this right wisely.

He added that all politicians and ministers come and go.

Redzuawan also related how a particular tourism minister, whom he did not name, had in the past behaved arrogantly at an event he attended, but is now snubbed and ignored.

The chef’s commentary on the current affairs was accompanied by a picture bearing the words "All I want for Christmas is a new prime minister".

However, he did not state whether he agreed with the sentiment, merely noting that it was "funny".


Isnt this so funny la....siapa la punya kerja ni. Dah nak election ni esok entah apa lagi yg pelik2 akan keluar pun. Ohhh yes i was approached both by Orang2 Umno mau pun opposition to go on their various campaign konon satu Kampong nanti dtg nak tengok CW. I said " La siapa la saya ni hanya tukang masak bukan artist pun. Jika nak bertanding jadi PM tak pe la. Ini setakat nak perguna kan saya masa election ni tak payah la. Gajah dgn gajah nak berperang kita nak tersepit untuk apa? Politics can be such a filthy game. Hari ini org suka kita depa sanjung! Esok just look at Tun M tu apa yg mereka tak luta kan dia? Esok meninggal org tua tu tengok la they all will come back to mohon maaf dan pay their respect dan segalanya. Its too late. Off course masing2 dgn political diff mereka buy why so vicious with hatred dan vengence. I find such behaviour so disgusting. The hippocrisy in manusia ini. Some tak ada princip dah mcm lalang pun ya. So i rejected all offer as i am not into Politics either. I believed as Malaysian we all have the right to vote. Exercise that right wisely enough said! Hak itu no want can take from us. Tak kuasa nak main drama minggu ini pun atau melayan segala filthy game manusia ini. Be honest and do the right thing sudah lah for me. Allah will eventually help us to see everything. Saya percaya kuasa Allah. Sometime dia diam...nak tengok sejauh mana tupai2 itu boleh melompat. Tiba masanya akan jatuh ke bumi pun. Politician2 baik Menteri come and go these days. Nasib baik di pilih rakyat u up there la. Esok dah jatuh kebawah tiada siapa yg peduli kita di tepi jalan pun kemungkinan jadi. I used to see alot this particular x Minister of Tourism at many social events. Masa berjawatan punya la berlagak dan sombong. Tapi bila habis election masing2 kena gulung tikar bantal. Pi function terkebil kebil duduk2 one corner siapa pun tak layan. Some of the people i met siap kata lagi.. Tu besar Cilaka yr x Minister of Tourism tu! Saya terkejut who is he talking about ni? Sekali pusing baru nampak si mangkuk berhayun ini!🤣🤣 People just snub and ignore him? Hati saya kata la...kesian and i went over to talked to him lagi! Kesian..Allah bayar cash!

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